Download Mummy DS demo at Universal



Bring your Nintendo DS to Universal Studios Florida starting July 11th 2008 and be one the first to try out The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Video Game Demo, based on the upcoming theatrical movie release on August 1st.

Guest can visit the DS download station, conveniently located at The Arcade – Next to The Mummy Ride.

About the Game:
Follow Rick, Alex, and the rest of the O’Connell family across exotic locations in their adventures to save the world (and each other) from the evil plot of the resurrected shape-shifting Dragon Emperor of China.

Play as Rick or Alex, depending on the particular level of the game, and lead the rest of the O’Connell family on an epic adventure to stop a new Mummy nemesis, the evil Dragon Emperor. Throughout your mission, you will actively pursue and fight off supernatural enemies and ancient Terracotta warriors utilizing a variety of combat moves and weapons. You will avoid dangerous traps, explore ancient tombs, discover spectacular mausoleums, and reach the great heights of the Himalayas while on your quest stop the evil Emperors’ master plans.



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