Exotics Racing launching new Los Angeles car tour

Exotics Racing Los Angeles has announced a new city tour experience: the LA Classic Car Tour.

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This new tour offers guests the chance to drive or ride in iconic vehicles from American car manufacturers, cruising by Southern California’s most popular sites. This tour will be available starting Sept. 15.

This half-day tour starts at the Exotics Racing Los Angeles retail store near the Santa Monica Pier. Guests can climb into a new 2020 Vanderhall Carmel or a classic 1966 Ford Mustang convertible. Each 3-hour tour can accommodate up to eight people. An Exotics Racing tour guide will ride in the lead car, a cherry red Mustang, and will narrate the tour via an audio system that can be heard in all four cars.

At each tour stop, guests can exit, take photos and videos and then switch to a different car – meaning they can drive or ride in up to four different cars on one tour. The tour route includes:

  1. Santa Monica Pier
  2. Pacific Coast Highway
  3. Beverly Hills
  4. Rodeo Drive
  5. Fox Studios

The tour ends at Santa Monica Pier, and from there, guests can see their on-board videos from the tour. Each classic car is equipped with a video camera that captures the entire tour from inside the cars. Guests can also shop for souvenirs from the Exotics Racing store.

“The Vanderhall roadster and the Ford Mustang are such powerful symbols of the American automotive experience, especially to our international guests,” said Romain Thievin, co-founder of Exotics Racing. “This tour will appeal to those looking for that classic American driving excursion they can’t find anywhere else.”

The tour costs $299 per person, and this includes fuel, insurance for one driver, and snacks and drinks. Drivers must be at least 21 years old or older and have a valid license; passengers must be age 13 or older to ride. Tours will be available every day with departures at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

To learn more, visit ExoticsRacing.com.


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