Experience a new kind of drive-in with Cinema Pop-Ups

by Brittani Tuttle

A new pop-up drive-in theater concept is coming to a number of cities near you this summer to offer a safe, socially-distant experience — Cinema Pop-Ups.

cinema pop-ups

Cinema Pop-Ups launched its first locations over the weekend in Denver, Dallas, and Minneapolis, and Houston and the Woodbridge area of new Jersey are among the next cities to open.

With cars spaced at least 8 feet apart, guests will have plenty of room for themselves and their family. In addition, aside from the traditional FM audio options, guests can use a patent-pending new sound distribution system that gives them the ability to stream audio over a local network — meaning that guests can use their own personal wired or wireless mobile devices, including those with Bluetooth capabilities, to hear the film onscreen.

The full Cinema Pop-Ups experience is powered by an entirely smartphone-based front-end system. Visitors can do everything from control their audio preferences to purchase tickets, and in select markets, even see concession options, all through a free-to-download app.

“We plan on opening as many of these pop-up drive-ins as we can […] to help expand everyone’s ability to go to the movies in a compelling and safe way,” said Mark Manuel, CEO of Kilburn, who operates the pop-ups.

Cinema Pop-Ups will be offered with a range of screen sizes that can adapt to each venue; large venues can even operate as a multiplex with multiple screens running simultaneously and no sound spill-over, thanks to the unique audio options.

“Our primary focus, now more than ever, is to create an exciting experience in an environment where people feel safe and comfortable,” said Melinda HOlland, SVP of business development for Brookfield Properties, where the pop-ups are held. “The Cinema Pop-Up does just that. Our centers are gathering places for their communities and we look forward to welcoming guests back to the malls in this new and innovative way.”

Among the first films to be screened will include “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Ready Player One,” and “Shazam!” More information, including additional locations and film lineups will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, to see what films and locations have been announced so far, click here.


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