ForceFest online Star Wars convention planned to bring fans together

by Dave Parfitt

On June 15, ReedPOP and Lucasfilm canceled Star Wars Celebration 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, a group of fans, podcasters, and content creators joined together to create ForceFest: Celebrating the Saga to be held online; the official Star Wars convention is currently rescheduled for August 2022 in Anaheim.

ForceFest Official Logo

ForceFest is a free virtual convention created to connect Star Wars fans worldwide while also raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The online conference will use the GetVokl platform and take place on Aug. 28-30, coinciding with the dates of Star Wars Celebration 2020.

“Star Wars Celebration has always been a huge part of Star Wars fandom,” said Sarah Woloski, one of the event’s organizers. “Fans gather from all over the world to celebrate the Star Wars saga and meet up with new and old friends. We knew we could use technology to mimic that feel virtually.”

Sarah and Richard Woloski present on the podcast stage of Star Wars Celebration 2017
Sarah and Richard Woloski present on the podcast stage during Star Wars Celebration 2017. Photo by Dave Parfitt

ForceFest will stream in six themed “stages” on the GetVokl platform, including Content Creators, A Virtual Meetup “Cantina Lounge,” Interviews and Discussions, Live Action, Comics/Animation/Books, and a Miscellaneous stage. On these tracks, fans will be able to view streamed video versions of various fan-created podcasts that register to be a virtual presenter or host.

“The Star Wars fandom has always been active online creating their own content out of love for the saga,” said David Jesse of “Tatooine Sons,” one of the organizing shows. “ForceFest will create a larger platform for shows of all themes and sizes to share their unique brand of streaming in a shared environment.”

One of the objectives of ForceFest: Celebrating the Saga is to give the opportunity for all voices in the Star Wars fandom to be heard. The organization committee has made a commitment to providing a platform for diverse hosts and topics in a family-friendly environment. Application for participation as a show host or volunteer is open now.

The organizers of ForceFest are a collective of podcasters and livestreamers including: Richard & Sarah Woloski (“Skywalking Through Neverland”), David Jesse (“Tatooine Sons”), Tyler Bucks (“Chatter Squadron”), Pete Fletzer (“Around the Galaxy”), Ben Hart (“Star Wars Underworld”), and Frank Rich (“Star Wars Autograph News”).

GetVokl is topic-based group video discussion platform. Join discussions around your hot button issue or pick a topic, start the dialogue, and connect with new real people. GetVokl powers face to face conversations. No trolls and bots — just real live conversation and connection.

ForceFest is not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Disney. To learn more, check out the event’s official Facebook page.


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Dafa Bonsur August 17, 2020 - 12:22 pm

oh i really wanted to be there
but this Corona breaks all the plans
i hope to be there next time if it will not be new virus…


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