Full track now in place for Efteling’s Max & Moritz family coaster

Efteling, the fairytale theme park located in the Netherlands, has added the last two sections of track for their new dual-tracked family roller coaster, Max & Moritz.


UPDATE – 06/01/20: Efteling has announced that their new family roller coaster, Max & Moritz, will open to guests on June 20.

Openingsdatum Max & Moritz bekend! 🗓️ - De bouw in vogelvlucht - Efteling

Located on the spot where the classic attraction Bob bobsleigh ride once stood, two different tracks of 300 meters each are now visible. Now that the ride track is complete, work will begin on the Alpine landscape that will surround the family roller coaster.


The coaster trains will arrive at a later date, and their station building will also be re-designed with its new theme.


Max & Moritz is scheduled to open at Efteling later this spring. For more information on the park and its many offerings, visit Efteling.com/en.


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