Gideon’s Bakehouse new offerings, plus one cookie becomes permanent

At the beginning of each month, Gideon’s Bakehouse announces its new monthly limited-time food, beverage, and merchandise items. This month only, guests can purchase “Cookie Butter Butterscotch” cakes, cookies, and cold brews at its Disney Springs location. Also, Gideon’s Bakehouse added the surprise of permanently making one cookie part of the regular menu. 

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie at gideon's bakehouse
Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie.

By Jon Self

Gideon’s Bakehouse January 2023 Limited Time Offerings

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie at gideon's bakehouse
Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie.

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie – A combination of Gideon’s Bakehouse cookie dough, Biscoff Cookie Butter, with premium Butterscotch Chips and crushed Biscoff Cookies makes up this cookie. These half-pound cookies cost $6 each.

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cold Brew – The Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookie flavors are found within a nitro cold brew. This is only available at the Disney Springs location, not the East End Market Orlando location. These coffees cost $6 also.

Cookie Butter Buttercream Cake – This vanilla cake features cookie butter buttercream. This limited-time cake will be available by the slice only on Wednesdays and Saturdays this month. Each slice costs $9.

Butterscotch Menu – This collectible menu card can be received free of charge by anyone waiting in the queue at Gideon’s Bakehouse. This month the artwork shows “Butterscotch.” Butterscotch is a young lady, according to Gideon’s Bakehouse lore, who puts on her wolf pajamas one night a year, changing from child to something meaner. However, her demeanor improves when she returns home to find a sweet treat.

Butterscotch Unisex Shirt – This shirt displays Butterscotch in her wolf pajamas. These shirts cost $32. They are available online and in store.

Butterscotch Hoodie – These hoodies feature Butterscotch on the back. On the front of the hoodie, Gideon’s Winged G logo can be seen with Butterscotch’s wolf head on top. These hoodies cost $55 (plus $2 more for 2X and 3X sizes) and are available online only. 

Butterscotch art at gideon's bakehouse

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie

In a surprising move, Gideon’s Bakehouse announced the Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie became a new permanent option on their menu. Since Gideon’s Bakehouse opened, this formerly limited-time cookie has become the first new cookie added to the permanent menu. As a result, the limit per person at the counter is now seven cookies instead of six. The Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie consists of a vanilla bean cookie blended with real bananas, a mix of dark and semisweet chocolates, candied walnuts, and finely crushed banana chips. These cookies cost $6.

What do you think of the new January 2023 options? Have you eaten the Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie before? Let us know in the comments below.


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