Global Village Dubai breaks its 25th Guinness World Record

Global Village in Dubai has broken the Guinness World Record for “Highest altitude skydiving fireworks display,” marking their 25th world record and creating a spectacular finale to the park’s Silver Jubilee season.

Global Village skydiving Guinness World Record

Global Village multicultural family entertainment destination has made history by breaking 25 Guinness World Records, a major accomplishment that honors the park’s 25th season.

Skydiver lands in Global Village park

In October of 2020, at the start of its season, Global Village set the goal of breaking 25 Guinness World Records. On May 2, in partnership with Skydive Dubai, they succeeded in grand and glorious fashion when 20 skydivers jumped from an altitude of more than 15,000 feet, and the skies lit up with 78 fireworks representing the 78 cultures who were present in Global Village during the park’s Silver Jubilee season.

Once the evidence of the skydiving and fireworks record was validated, a Guinness World Record Official formally presented Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, with the official certificate announcing the successful completion of the park’s goal. Then, in a celebratory finale, Anwahi pressed the famous Global Village Fireworks Button, launching the final display of the season.  

“It seems like just yesterday that we took the decision to attempt 25 records in just six months as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations,” said Jaki Ellenby, executive director marketing at Global Village. “It has been an incredible journey. Not always easy, but always exciting, and our team rose to the challenge with passion and resilience.”

The award came less than a month after setting their 24th record, for “Most nationalities on a theme park ride,” with 73 guests from 73 countries making one circuit on the park’s Wheel of the World.

Global Village receives Guinness World Record

Along with partners Skydive Dubai, Global Village also had the support of Emirates airline, Jumeirah hotels and resorts, Arabian Radio Network, and Miraj Entertainment.

“We have worked with some truly amazing organizations and individuals to accomplish this feat, including the largest rock band on earth, Rockin’1000, and we are especially grateful for the support of all our commercial partners, exhibitors, and their teams,” Ellenby added.

Skydiver helps break Guinness World Record

Shaddy Gaad, senior marketing manager Guinness World Records for the Mena region, praised the park for its accomplishment. “Driven by the passion to create newsworthy and shareable content, Global Village created one of the biggest marketing campaigns this season, to celebrate its Silver Jubilee. It is an incredible milestone to be the first brand in the Mena region to break 25 world records, many of which were dedicated to good causes, including donating campaigns, online pledges, and distributing food packages to charities. Congratulations to Global Village on reaching this remarkable achievement. You are ‘Officially Amazing’.”

Global Village will return for its 26th season in October. For more information on the park, visit


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