‘Gods of the Vikings’ exhibit bring tales of Thor and Loki to Epcot’s Norway

Gods of the Vikings Norway
Thor, Loki, and other ‘Gods of the Vikings’ are getting a new exhibit at Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

The stately Stave Church in Epcot’s Norway pavilion will welcome the Nordic immortals Thor and Loki, along with their mythological kin, when the new ‘Gods of the Vikings’ exhibit opens this spring.

The Norse gods and goddesses of ancient Scandinavian legend will be highlighted in Epcot’s new ‘Gods of the Vikings’ exhibit inside the Norway pavilion’s Stave Church Gallery. Guests will be able to learn more about the original Thor, Odin, Freyja and Loki (as opposed to their comic book counterparts) through authentic Viking artifacts.

To make way for the new exhibit, the current ‘Norsk Kultur: Inspiration for Disney’s Frozen‘ displays inside the Stave Church Gallery will close on March 12.

For more about visiting Epcot’s Norway pavilion, go to mousefantravel.com and watch these videos:

Vikings wandering around the Norway Pavilion at Epcot
Frozen Ever After low light ride-through POV in Norway Pavilion at Epcot
Anna & Elsa from Frozen meet guests in Norway Pavilion at Epcot
Frozen/Maelstrom Side by Side Comparison at Epcot

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