The Great Humbug Adventure at Santa’s Village is getting a makeover

Summer has just begun, but Sally Dark Rides—a global leader in the design and manufacturing of dark ride attractions—is already planning for Christmas with the newly-reimagined The Great Humbug Adventure at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, N.H. When the Christmas-themed park is safe to re-open for the 2020 season, it will also celebrate a special milestone: the attraction’s 20th anniversary.

great humbug adventure
Photos courtesy of Sally Dark Rides

The interactive, family-friendly dark ride’s refurbishment includes several new features, but many of the classic fan favorites will remain. Most importantly, the attraction’s beloved storyline will still require guests to travel through the stately home of Ebenezer Scrooge and help him take on an infestation of disgruntled humbugs who are wreaking havoc on his estate.


One of the new features guests can expect is a revamped queue experience hosted by an animatronic Scrooge (along with one of the pesky humbugs). During the seven and a half-minute pre-show, Scrooge gives instructions for using special Giggle Gadgets to “tickle” the humbugs. After all, once humbugs are tickled, they become happy, and therefore help spread Christmas cheer throughout the land rather than creating chaos in Scrooge’s house. Win-Win.

“It’s definitely exciting to see the progress and all the unique features as they’re added,” says Jim Miller of Santa’s Village. “We’re all looking forward to taking our turns at tickling the humbugs and sharing this ride with our guests.”

great humbug adventure

The ride experience itself takes guests through several areas of Scrooge’s old-English home – for a total of 14 intricately decorated scenes. Along the way, riders encounter 62 humbug targets, but not all humbugs look or sound alike. Sally has added three different character profiles, plus eight different giggle tracks; however, one of the original giggles remains as a nod to the ride’s 20-year history.

One of the most significant changes is an overhaul of the targeting and scoring system, which will result in a more accurate gaming experience for riders. Plus, each target changes color after being hit to provide additional scoring opportunities during the ride. The vehicle configuration has also been updated to seven 4-passenger ride vehicles, which increases capacity but also allows more friends and families to ride together and experience the Christmas joy.

santas village

Fans of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” will also appreciate the references to the original work throughout the pre-show and ride, including excerpts from the text written on rolled-up scrolls in various rooms of the house, as well as an appearance by Scrooge’s ghostly business partner, Jacob Marley.

Lauren Weaver of Sally Dark Rides notes, “With over 40 animatronic figures, state-of-the-art UV lighting and animated scene lighting, interactive targets, and much more, The Great Humbug Adventure is sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit – even old Scrooge himself!”

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