VIDEOS: Giant stuffed animals test ride roller coasters while theme parks are closed

As theme parks around the world gear up for potential reopening, the testing of their attractions is a necessity. But with physical distancing now the norm, who will ride the rides and help work out any kinks? Enter these stuffed animals as stand-ins!

stuffed animals

It all started when Walibi Holland, a theme park located in the Netherlands, buckled up 22 giant stuffed teddy bears into their hybrid roller coaster, Untamed:

22 Teddy Bears Take a Ride on Untamed Roller Coaster at Walibi Holland

Gröna Lund in Sweden officially made this unique happening a trend when they used stuffed animals to test one of their coasters—this time, with unicorns.

Group of Unicorns Ride Jetline Roller Coaster at Gröna Lund in Sweden

The social media trend continued with San Diego’s Belmont Park, which enlisted a large cast of stuffed animal characters to test out The Giant Dipper to make sure it was working properly. According to 10News San Diego, the coaster has to be tested daily in order to operate properly, but because of its closure due to COVID-19, the park had to get creative.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Henderson, Nev. took it one step further and put teddy bears on the Beach Blanket Banzai family slide!

Teddy Bears Slide Down Beach Blanket Banzai at Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas

What do you think of this ongoing theme park trend? What theme park attraction would you want to see tested out by these fuzzy friends? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Next park I’d like to see this stuffies coastering video done, is in Vancouver, Canada. On Coaster at Playland(PNE). A definite test for endurance, since all they got in the train’s seats is a lap bar. I’m sure they’d harness whatever stuffed animals they’d use, to Coaster’s train seats. Would be fun to see.