‘Hack’ Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run with ‘Chewie Mode’

by Brittani Tuttle

Disney Parks fans have discovered a new “hack” that unlocks a very angry Chewbacca on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, now referred to as “Chewie Mode.”

chewie mode

This on-ride Easter egg, once unlocked, replaces Hondo’s voice-over with Chewbacca yelling at you in Shyriiwook (the Wookie language) for busting up the famous freighter.

chewie mode

To unlock this “hack,” you’ll need a full flight crew of 6 people, as each one will have their own duties to accomplish to fail the ship’s pre-check. Here’s how to do it, as described by Fresh Baked Disney:

  1. Each member of the flight crew must not activate their position right away as they would normally do.
  2. The pilots must push their control levers to the extreme left or right and extreme up or down, depending on their position. Once this is done, hit the pilot activation button.
  3. Engineers and Gunners will need to hold down one of the white buttons on their own consoles before hitting their corresponding orange activation button.
  4. This all has to be done before the Cast Member finishes checking everyone’s seatbelts and hits the “OK to go” button. If you’re successful, then congrats — you’ve unlocked “Chewie Mode”! If you missed a step, you’ll still hear Hondo barking orders at you to complete your mission.

Want to see this hack in action before trying it yourself? Take a look at the video from Daps Magic below:

“Chewbacca Mode” on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

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