Halloween Horror Nights Billboards Coming Soon

Universal Orlando’s in-your-face Halloween Horror Nights billboards stay with you long after you drive past them. And they make for great, “I can’t believe they did that this year!” conversation.

This Thursday, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights billboards will use a combination of creativity and sheer scare-factor to introduce a new face behind the horror; a new presence at the event. That presence will take Halloween Horror Nights – and its billboards – to entirely new levels.

The new billboards will be creative. They will be provocative. They will be larger-than-life. They will push the art form – and reaction to that art – to places other theme park billboards will not go.

So motorists be prepared: you’ll have some company on your morning commute.

There will be more than 80 billboards in the Orlando area, with some especially striking versions along the I-4 corridor. And as the below list of high-profile locations shows, the boards will be like a good scare during Halloween Horror Nights: they will seem to be everywhere.

Highly-Visible Orlando Billboard Locations:
• I-4 Westbound at Fairbanks Ave
• I-4 Eastbound at Michigan Ave
• SR 528 Westbound before 441 Toll Plaza
• I-4 Eastbound at SR 528
• I-4 Westbound at Universal Orlando Resort Exit (74B)
• SR 528 near Daetwyler
• SR 436 Eastbound near SR 434
• SR 436 near US 17-92
• I-4 110 feet east of Fairbanks Ave.
• I-4 .27 miles east of Fairbanks Ave.


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