Halloween Horror Nights Lights-On Tour – La Llorona



Join us on a lights on tour of the Urban Legends: La Llorona house at Halloween Horror Nights 23. The tour points out things in this smaller La LLorona house that you might not see.

facade One of the rules of the lights on tours is that photos are not permitted backstage, except when there’s a facade to one of the Horror Nights houses. This house is in one of two “Sprung Houses”, or houses in tents.

spoiler This article follows the normal house route from beginning to end. If you prefer to be surprised when you tour this house, read this article later! We also want to warn you that some of the images may be graphic.

mourners The story of the this house is basically a tale to scare children, and if they don’t behave then La Llorona might get them. This house has been at the Hollywood version of Horror Nights a few years, and is a fan favorite each year. The story begins with mourning the loss of drowned children.

basin Water is prevalent in this house. In this scene, water collects and recycles in this catch basin. The basin is unseen in the darker show lighting.

racks These wine racks are reused racks from a previous Horror Nights. They were ice core sample racks in a The Thing house.

smudged See the smudges? They are on a sheet of plexiglass used for a “Pepper’s Ghost” trick. The plexiglass is cleaned each night. Pepper’s Ghost is where a reflection of a scareactor looks like a ghost. Here, a ghost is in a doorway.

step Some of the areas where scareactors surprise guests are raised steps.

village2 This room has several elements to look for.

village1 Look to the right …

raven2 … perched above you will see a raven. This year each of the Horror Nights houses has a raven, hidden as an Easter Egg for guests to find.


water1 This room also has a bridge over water. The water is present only during Horror Nights hours to prevent problems that would occur with stagnant water.

water2 More drowning.

ceiling1 With show lighting, this corridor is a transition into La Llorona’s underwater realm.

ceiling2 It’s also one of the few areas of a Horror Nights house that has a ceiling. Fire code requires fire sprinklers, and here’s one.

mirrors One of the neat effects in this house is at this point. It’s hard to photograph, you’ll have to see it yourself. One scareactor is able to perform in one spot in a series of mirrors, scaring guests from many angles. The effect works really well! This is a small house, but well-worth seeing!

Here’s a walk-through of the whole house using infrared, taken with special permission by Universal during regular operating hours:

La LLorona walkthrough with night-vision at Halloween Horror Nights 23 Universal Orlando

This tour was part of an “Unmasking the Horror” tour. This year Universal offers two different versions of the tour. Each version visits three houses. If you take both tours in one day you’ll see six of the eight houses. A regular day park ticket is not required to take a tour. Each tour is $59.99 separately, plus tax. Or both in a single day for $99.99, plus tax. Details at halloweenhorrornights.com


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