Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store – Secret rooms revealed

by Tharin White

While part of the 2020 Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store opened in late July, the final two rooms have just been revealed. These rooms are based on “Beetlejuice” and other iconic aspects of Halloween Horror Nights. Guests who visit can admire the detail, purchase merchandise, and get speciality food and beverage offerings.

tribute store

Much like you would expect from a Halloween Horror Nights Tribute store, detail is everywhere. Every little piece has a purpose, and it takes a keen eye to figure it all out.

Photo by Jason Guy/WESH2

The main focus of the newly revealed rooms is “Beetlejuice.” He was rumored to have a haunted house this year, and rumors suggest he will still get one next year when the full event returns. With this much emphasis on the “Beetlejuice” movie, perhaps Universal is preparing for him to come back in 2021 as the icon of the year. We sadly have to wait, and no one except Universal knows the current plans, but it is fun to speculate.

tribute store

Speaking of icons, the hallway into the new rooms is covered in posters from previous years. Photos of past years, previous icons and their haunts, are scattered all over the walls. Guests will wait here until the two rooms are clear enough to allow more people in.

beating heart sour gummies
The hearts actually beat and move in the container.

For the foodies, the gore doesn’t stop at the door. Prepare to dine on beating heart sour gummies, red velvet blood splatter cake pops, zombie cookie dough, tribute store doughnuts, and more.

tribute store

Vegan options were available as well, like these vegan Oreo brownie skulls. We were recommended to try these by numerous team members who all said it was their favorite option in the store. This dessert is larger than it looks and is a thick brownie option with just the right amount of icing.

halloween horror nights

Halloween Horror Nights super-fans could spend a lot of time in the two rooms just trying to find all the hidden references. This specific prop brought the Dead Man’s Wharf scare zone from Halloween Horror Nights 2016 to our mind.

tribute store

Hiding above us was a reference to the “SAW” film franchise, which has been featured at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and California numerous times. Most recently, “Saw: The Games of Jigsaw” was a haunted at Halloween Horror Nights in 2017.


“Beetlejuice” had hidden references as well, like these items we found on a chair and side table near the exit. “Beetlejuice” has been a large part of Universal Orlando’s history. There used to be the “Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue,” a horror parody performance led by Beetlejuice himself. That area has since been taken over by the Fast and the Furious: Supercharged attraction.

tribute store
Click on this photo for a full-screen view to easily zoom in on the items.

The “Beetlejuice” and “Halloween Horror Nights 30 Years” merchandise can’t be missed. The store offers shirts, hats, pins, posters, socks, masks and more.

Photo by Jason Guy/WESH2

One specialty item was a “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” metal lunchbox.

tribute store

There are also photo-ops scattered throughout the rooms. Due to limitations on guest capacity for social distancing, the rooms are fairly clear. This should make it easier for those visiting to get the perfect shot.


Once guests have taken in their fill of the rooms, eaten some desserts and grabbed merchandise, it is time to check out, and how fitting of a checkout it is. Inspired directly from the “Beetlejuice” waiting room scene, these registers fit in well with the rest of the Tribute Store. We promise, this wait will be faster than the one in the afterlife.

tribute store

In fact, a look at the waiting room is actually the last thing guests see when they exit the Tribute Store.

You can take a tour of the 2020 Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store’s newly revealed rooms by watching the video above.

Did you catch any hidden references in our photos or videos? What dessert or merchandise will you head for first? Let us know in the comments below.


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