This Harry Potter-inspired holiday light display is pure magic

by Brittani Tuttle

The holiday season is widely considered the most wonderful time of the year, and for one man, it’s downright magical.

harry potter

This most magical display can be found right in Central Florida!

To commemorate the holiday and share his love for the Wizarding World, Clifford Wilkinson has created a Harry Potter-themed holiday light display at his home in Davenport, Fla., just outside of the Central Florida theme parks.

harry potter

Clifford Wilkinson loves creating these imaginative displays for everyone to enjoy.

“As a kid, I set up holiday displays with my father a lot,” said Wilkinson of his inspiration for this massive project. “About a year ago, we were watching TV shows with moving lights, and my wife challenged me. She said ‘Can you do this?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely.’”

harry potter

The light display features many recognizable moments from the “Harry Potter” films, as well as the emotional and iconic Harry Potter score composed by John Williams. The full light presentation also includes memorable holiday songs that everyone will know and love.

Wilkinson took on his wife’s challenge and learned how to craft this magical display on his own – with a little help from the internet.

“YouTube is a great learning source for me,” he said. Wilkinson is also a part of a Facebook group in which people can share their advice and tips on creating this electrical masterpieces. 

Timing was the most difficult part of getting everything right, said Wilkinson.

harry potter

“With lights and music, you have to get [timing] down to the millisecond, otherwise it doesn’t look right when you hit a beat or the song stops and starts. It’s really tedious. That’s probably the hardest part.”

Wilkinson estimates that he spent around 200 hours learning, creating, and programming his at-home light show. However, this skill and passion isn’t just for Christmas. Wilkinson and his family love Halloween, and also create a show that’s also a hit during that time of year.

Lucky for the neighbors, Wilkinson opts to use his own FM station to broadcast the synchronized tunes alongside the light show. All visitors have to do is tune in to 98.1 when close to the house and enjoy the music as they drive by.

harry potter

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Central Florida this holiday season, drive on over to 526 Pine Cone Dr. in Davenport, Fla. and catch this amazing light display while you can! 

Check out our video report on Wilkinson’s creative display on “The Attractions Show” below:


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