Harry Potter New York opening virtual reality experiences July 15

An opening date has been announced for two interactive Harry Potter virtual reality (VR) experiences at the newly-opened Harry Potter New York.

harry potter new york
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“Chaos at Hogwarts” and “Wizards Take Flight” will debut exclusively at the flagship store on July 15, 2021. Created by WarnerMedia in partnership with the creative teams at Wevr and Keylight and VR industry leaders Dreamscape Immersive, both experiences combine exciting action with iconic characters and landmarks into a virtual world, allowing fans to step into this magical world for the first time.

Starting today, guests can purchase advance tickets for “Chaos at Hogwarts” and “Wizards Take Flight” at Harry Potter New York online. These experiences are only available with a timed reservation, and slots are now available from July 15 – Aug. 15.

Guests will be able to choose from multiple Wizarding World-themed avatars, allowing for customization of their Hogwarts houses and more. Guests who have purchased VR experience tickets will not need to register in the Harry Potter New York virtual queue and can head to the front of the line upon arrival.

Through the use of wearable VR technology — which includes headsets, backpacks, hand and food trackers, and peripheral interactive wands — guests will be able to roam freely through Hogwarts Castle and fly through the skies of London, complete with sensory effects.

Chaos at Hogwarts

Starting with your arrival at King’s Cross for preboarding, this VR experience will take groups of six guests at a time to Hogwarts Castle. The group can explore the stage in a social, free-roam adventure surrounded by various haptics and special effects that are synchronized with the story experience. Guests will have their own virtual avatar and will be able to see the other members of their party. Guests will wear a VR headset, backpack, hand and food trackers, and wield a physical wand.

Wizards Take Flight

This experience prepares guests for a flight adventure as they fly on brooms and engage in a magical wand battle against Death Eaters over the skies on London and free-fly around the Hogwarts Castle grounds. Up to six guests will be seated on their own physical broom — a first for fans of the Wizarding World — with their own station of haptics and special effects synchronized to the experience. Like with Chaos at Hogwarts, guests will have a virtual avatar and will be able to see their fellow participants. Guests will also wear a VR headset, hand trackers, and wield a physical wand.

harry potter new york

Harry Potter New York houses the VR adventure pods in Harry Potter-themed staging areas packed with an array of Wizarding World décor and props. Both VR experiences are each $34 per guest, and VR reservations include access to Harry Potter New York. Pre-booking is highly recommended. All guests must be at least 48 inches tall and 10 years old or older to participate; those under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket.

To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit HarryPotterStore.com/Tickets.


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