Have you seen a dragon flying above Walt Disney World?

There have been a few dragon spottings around Walt Disney World this month and it seems as if this dragon may be making an appearance at the New Fantasyland opening on next Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012.

All the hype about a dragon at Walt Disney World started when Disney Parks Blog writer Gary Buchanan released the video below. He found a video of a dragon flying in the night sky and started investigating.

He then started to record all his dragon sightings on a Tumblr account created specifically for that purpose which you can visit by clicking here.

Gary then discovered an old 8mm film, which was recorded at the current site of New Fantasyland a long time ago featuring a hatched egg and footprints rumored to be from a dragon.

Unusual Nest Discovery

There was then another dragon sighting that was uploaded to YouTube, check it out below:

Mysterious Birthday Dragon Sighting

Early this morning we received a letter about a dragon sighting from one of our readers:

I’m currently on vacation at Disney World and staying at Port Orleans and just had an exciting possible dragon sighting.
So it was around 3am and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go for a walk and see if the pepper mill was still serving food. While I was walking I started to hear some kind of buzzing noise. I thought it might have been some landscaping crews working somewhere off in the distance. It sounded like a gas powered hedge trimmer. Then I turned the corner around a building and saw it. Way off in the distance was something hovering in the air. I was a little turned around and didnt have a good idea of where i was facing, but I would say it was over epcot or the golf course. It was dark so it was hard to get a good look at it. I could make out 3 lights on what I’m assuming was the body. Above that was some sort of sail. It almost looked like what someone would use if they were para sailing. It was probably 200-400 feet in the air and after hovering in place for probably 20 seconds it started to move – surprisingly fast too. As it moved I heard the buzzing sound make a higher pitch like the throttle was increasing. It moved out of sight but I could still hear the faint buzzing off in the distance for another minute. It was a brief sighting, but exciting. I’ve only got a few more nights here on vacation but I think I might set an alarm for 3am to see if I can spot it again (that’s if my wife doesn’t kill me for setting an alarm in the middle of the night).

Boise, Idaho

Have you seen or heard anything weird around the Walt Disney World area? Submit your sightings in the comments below and e-mail any photos or videos you get to [email protected].

We’ll be at the grand opening of New Fantasyland and will keep an eye on the sky. Check back then.

UPDATE: Dec. 3, 2013 – Another reader has spotted the dragon, and it seems Disney cast members have too:

I just wanted to let you guys know that the dragon was circling over Magic Kingdom last night. I went out at about 2:45 specifically to see if I could find it. I drove up and down World Drive for about 30 minutes when all of a sudden I saw it fly in from over Polynesian. I watched as it flew toward Magic Kingdom. It was moving pretty quickly.
After this, I stopped at Hess to get some coffee. I then decided to try and find it one more time, which was an amazing decision. As I approached the tunnel on World Drive before Contemporary, there it was circling around the back of Magic Kingdom. However, this time, instead of flying quickly, it was actually just elegantly gliding around at a pretty slow speed. I decided to try to get as close as I could. At this point, though, there were security trucks stationed at multiple points from Contemporary back to the Monorail barn.
The whole time the dragon was flying around above Magic Kingdom, it was being illuminated from the ground by a spotlight of some sort. It gave it kind of an eery glow that would seem to me as something done on purpose. This made me wonder if the dragon possibly only flies at night.
After a couple minutes of watching the dragon, the most incredible thing happened. It started flapping its’ wings!! I knew about the rumors that it flapped its’ wings and breathed fire, but I assumed it was just speculation. The way its’ wings flapped was very elegant and fluid, just like any dragon you may have seen flying in movie’s, etc. Watching it glide around gracefully combined with the fluid flapping of the wings and the light from underneath made it look like one of the most amazing things I have seen in my life.

Ben Will
Orlando, Fla.


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