From disaster to attraction? Hawaii may be adding a Ferris wheel near their lava flow

When it comes to attractions, a good thrill is always welcome. But would you be brave enough to go on a ride near flowing, molten lava in Hawaii?

A Ferris wheel by the lava flow could soon be built on the Big Island in Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Schizoform.

Originally reported by KITV 4 Island News in Hawaii, this could someday become a reality. There are currently talks to install a Ferris wheel near a live lava flow in Pahoa on the Big Island. This idea comes after the search for a way to let people safely view the lava flow.

One of our reporters, Jessie Reitz, recently went to Hawaii, but could not get close enough to see the lava for herself.

Currently, most tourists are only able to see the lava flow by boat or helicopter tours, but prices for these experiences can be upwards of $400 because of the potential of eruption.

The question is, would Hawaii County actually consider building an attraction as a viable option for tourists?

“The scientists, USGS is saying there is no end in sight [for the lava flow]. It could be a year to 20 to 30 years before this event ends, so we’re not rushing to really look at a site right now. But there is an urgency in regards to [Mayor] Harry Kim wants to open it up to the public so they can view this phenomenon,” said Wil Okabe, managing director for Hawaii County, to KITV 4.

Mayor Kim’s office wants to find a safe location for the public to view the lava flow, which could affect where a potential attraction could go.

“The most important thing of safety and liability – we cannot look outside of that. That’s one of the most important things. Hazard and risk are always on top of mind,” said Okabe.

Hawaii County knows the demand of tourists to see the lava is high as they continue to try to get in and see the flow, but is still working on plans for a proper and safe viewing experience.

Would you consider riding an attraction close to live, flowing lava? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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