‘Hey Disney!’ adds magic to Amazon Alexa and Echo at Walt Disney World hotels

Disney is teaming up with Amazon for a new voice assistant project called “Hey Disney!,” created with Amazon’s Alexa technology.

hey disney

Whether at home or staying in one of Walt Disney World’s resort hotel rooms, guests will soon be able to use an Amazon Echo device to interact with Disney, Pixar and Star Wars characters.

The voice assistant offering will begin rolling out in Disney Resort hotel guest rooms across Walt Disney World in 2022, as part of the destination’s 18-month 50th anniversary celebration. Access will be offered as an optional and complimentary feature during hotel stays.

hey disney

“Hey Disney” will work alongside Alexa to respond to vocal prompts, bringing Disney characters and stories to life in new ways to make guest stays more convenient and fun. The offering also features services that Alexa users know well — weather forecasts, timers, alarms — but made magical with the help of characters like Mickey Mouse, Olaf, C-3PO and more.

The voice assistant also features an all-new character, the Disney Magical Companion, who will help guests discover more than 1,000 magical interactions, like hearing special greetings and jokes from authentic Disney character voices, asking trivia questions and exploring audio environments inspired by Disney films and destinations. Resort guests will be able to learn helpful information related to their vacation, as well, with questions like “Hey Disney! When does the next bus to Epcot depart?”, or requests like “Hey Disney! Can we have some extra towels?”

hey disney

“Hey Disney!” will be available for purchase for supported Amazon Echo devices via the Amazon Alexa Skills store, inviting Disney fans to make every day at home a bit more magical. Amazon has also announced two new Mickey-inspired stands for the Echo Show 5, featuring the iconic Mickey ears inspired by either his 50th anniversary celebration outfit (which will be the version found in Disney Resort hotel rooms) or his classic red shorts.

What do you think of these new updates to the Disney hotel rooms? Do you have an Amazon Alexa at home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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