The holidays are alive and well at Holy Land Experience

holy land experience
The holidays have arrived at Holy Land with a full schedule of theatrical productions to celebrate the season.

The Christmas season is upon us at Holy Land Experience, and as they do every year, the park has a full schedule of original theatrical productions to bring cheer to visitors during this time of year.

“We’re thrilled again this holiday season to offer an unforgettable Christmas experience to our friends and guests here at Holy Land Experience,” said Mike Everett, manager of Holy Land. “Our creative team and talented actors have combined some unforgettable stories with rich costumes, settings, and awesome music to bring the glory and life-changing spirit of this wondrous season to all our guests.”

holy land experience
Watch Mary and Joseph as they make their journey to Bethlehem.

These holiday productions will run through Jan. 13, 2018, and include:

  • “Journey to Bethlehem” – See the arrival of Mary and Joseph as they search for a place forJesus to be born.
  • “Welcome to Bethlehem” – Join in with the citizens of Bethlehem and be a part of the historical event.
  • “Quest for the Manger” – See the arrival of the three wise men, who come to worship the Baby Jesus.
  • “Christ is Born” – Local shepherds look for the newborn King and tell the tale of their encounter with the angelic host.

During the holidays, Holy Land also holds their three-part theatrical production, “God With us,” which features:

  • “Redeeming Love” – At the height of Nero’s order to kill all of Jesus’ followers, the apostle Peter tries to remind young believers of God’s love and faithfulness with stories, including those of Boaz and Ruth, and their great grandson King David.
  • “Unwavering Courage” – In part two, Peter continues to comfort the young believers in hiding from Nero with accounts of courage, and telling the stories of heroes from scripture.
  • “Eternal Hope” – As Peter and the young followers await their fate, he ends his story with the message of the unchanging promise of God to those who put their trust in Him.

In addition to these theatrical productions, Holy Land Experience also offers unique interactive exhibits that will inspire, educate and entertain guests of all ages:

  • The Wilderness Tabernacle – The heart of worship for the children of Israel after making their exodus from Egypt. This live drama takes guests on a journey through Israel’s priesthood, and culminates with a depiction of God’s glory revealed above the Ark of the Covenant.
  • The Dead Sea Qumran Caves – A replica of a mysterious place where many of the Bible manuscripts were discovered. You can also visit “Mary’s House,” and witness the day that she was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus.
  • The Scriptorium – A combination of museum, research center and library that holds priceless manuscripts, biblical antiquities, scrolls and artifacts, offering visitors an up-close view of church and Bible history.
  • The Great Temple – A representation of the Jewish holy place that once stood on Mount Moriah in First Century Jerusalem.
  • Golgotha – A dramatic recreation of the place where Jesus was crucified and died. Partially constructed with stones from the countryside surrounding Jerusalem, this exhibit is built atop the recreation of the biblical Garden Tomb, where the body of Jesus was laid to rest and later resurrected.

The Smile of a Child Adventure Land has also been updated, where young guests can enjoy rock-climbing walls, mini-golf featuring Bible characters, face painting, and hear stories from the Bible.

“Christmas has always been an extra-special time for us here at Holy Land Experience,” said Everett. “Every member of our team is committed to help fill the hearts of our valued guests with the warmth and wonder of this holiday season. We look forward to welcoming friends and families from all over the world to share the joy and spirit of Christmas this year.”

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