Holy Land Experience ending all stage shows, shifting park focus

Changes are coming to The Holy Land Experience, as the park has announced that all of their theatrical productions will be coming to an end.

holy land experience

Starting April 19, 2020, the park will “shift the focus” away from its stage shows and entertainment to focus more on its Biblical Museum and “highlighting Christianity’s global development and history-changing martyrs and leaders,” according to a statement.

“The change will refocus the park on its original plan and function,” said Mike Everett, general manager. “The Scriptorium, which holds rare and unique biblical arifacts and a scale model of ancient Jerusalem and the City of David, will continue to serve as the park’s main educational attractions, and Live Church Orlando will maintain use of The Holy Land Experience’s facilities for their church services at The Church of All Nations theater.”

This comes after rumors stated that the attraction would be closing its doors this spring. The park is owned by California-based Trinity Broadcasting Network, and has been since 2007.

Moving forward, Everett said that “The Holy Land Experience will also evaluate the best and most efficient use of the property, assessing other economic opportunities, including redevelopment.”

For now, The Church of All Nations still hosts elaborate theatrical productions, with a new one, “Esther: The Queen of Persia,” to debut in March — just one month before all productions end completely.

Currently, single-day admission is $50 for adults and $35 for children ages 5-17. Holy Land is no longer offering annual passes or group rates, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Holy Land Experience as these changes go into effect.


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