Hot Wheels will come to life at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

It’s a throwback to childhood at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru, where larger-than-life Hot Wheels monster trucks, specialty monster trucks, Garage of Legends vehicles, robots, and more from the classic toy collection are brought to life right outside your car windows.

hot wheels

Hot Wheels miniature cars and trucks have delighted children for decades, and during a year when we all need a trip down memory lane to a time when things were safer and simpler, the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru in Ontario, Calif. offers contactless fun for the entire family, from now through Jan. 2.

Drive along the 1-mile-plus track and view over 50 full-sized Hot Wheels cars, monster trucks, and more from the comfort of your own vehicle. Among the highlights are hall-of-famers Twin Mill, Deora II, Rip Rod, Loop Coupe, and the original Bone Shaker; monster trucks Bigfoot and Bigfoot #5, Tiger Shark, Demo Derby, and V8 Bomber; plus a 4-story Megasaurus and spectacular tunnels of light.

Because all visitors must remain in their car throughout the experience, no additional safety measures are necessary and pets are welcome to join their families.

When reserving a date online, visitors can “plus” their experience by purchasing a toy pack with each ticket. The $29.99 Monster Truck Live Pack includes 1:64 scale Tiger Shark and Bone Crusher monster trucks, a Tiger Shark hat, and a HWMTL checkered flag and tote bag. Or opt for the Bigfoot 4x4x4 Classic Pack at the same price, featuring a kid-sized and an adult-sized hat, a Bigfoot #5 poster, a pennant, and an original 1:64 scale toy and a super duty 1:64 scale toy.

Tickets are $45 Monday-Thursday, $50 Friday-Sunday, and pricing is per car. Save $10 by purchasing in advance ($55/$60 at the gate). Every ticket includes a Hot Wheels 3-Pack and a free Magic Memories digital photo to capture your experience.

The drive-thru is located at 4000 Ontario Center, in the Toyota Arena parking lot. Remember to use the restroom before arrival and bring snacks with you as needed, as neither will be available.

Hours of operation vary, so be sure to check the calendar for each day’s opening and closing times. Hours, tickets, toy packs, and an audio download for use during your drive-thru can be found on


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