Howl-O-Scream returns to celebrate 20 years at SeaWorld San Antonio

For 22 terrifying nights between Sept. 17 and Oct. 31, SeaWorld San Antonio will unleash Howl-O-Scream once again for its 20th year, as the park transforms into a horror-filled haunt.


New for this year is The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou, which will transport unsuspecting victims deep into a mystifying Louisianan bayou. These unwanted guests will travel through the moss, muck and mayhem of a foggy boathouse, swamp, cemetery and mansion. Voodoo curses will render victims blind, the undead and the cursed will wreak havoc, and animal-human hybrids will creep alongside as guests try to make their way through 12 scenes of horror. Those brave enough to risk a “grizzly end” will be rewarded with three additional “VIP scenes.”


Other fan-favorite haunts will return for this year’s event, including:

  • Milton Creek Manor – A beautiful and lavish hotel had to close its doors after mysterious murders and gruesome events began. After many years, the doors are opened for any brave individuals who dare to walk its halls… but you aren’t the only guest at Milton Creek Manor. Your room is ready, are you brave enough to check into terror?
  • Zombie Horde – Romero Corporation welcomes you to Matheson’s Corners. Beware of your invitation to these parts…one wrong move and you may become part of the Zombie Horde!
  • Karver’s Kradle – They say that Mr. Karver put his heart and soul into his puppetry. They had no idea….
  • Unearthed: Scarlett’s Revenge – During maintenance at the park, an excavation crew uncovered a centuries old house buried deep beneath the ground. Upon opening its door, a sinister force is unearthed – Scarlett – a furious demon who wields a deadly deck of magical cards summoning creatures of Howl-O-Scream past.

The 20th anniversary of Howl-O-Scream will also bring scare zones, known as terror-tories:

  • The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou (NEW) – New for 2022, The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou, transports unsuspecting victims deep into a mystifying and horror-filled Louisianan bayou. Venture through the moss, muck, and mayhem of a foggy boathouse, murky swamp, cemetery, and abandoned mansion… or is it? Voodoo curses will render you blind. The undead and the cursed will torment you.
  • PREY-ground (NEW) – Not for child’s play! Enter the Prey-ground if you dare, where your childhood nightmares come alive.
  • The SINdustry District (NEW) – Welcome to the SINdustry district… where your wants and desires come alive (or dead?). Enjoy drinks, music, and freaks in this fantasy where your imagination will run free. You might regret it!
  • Ripper Row – Stroll through the alleys of 19th century London, but be careful of dark corners. The spirit of Jack the Ripper lies in wait to disembowel more bodies.
  • Shadow Street – The demon dolls have found a new place to wreak havoc, stalking the pathway in front of Mr. Karver’s Kradle. Frightful surprises await those who dare to take a closer look.
  • Vampire Point – The disturbing, grotesque, and outright terrifying collide as the world’s most frightening urban legends descend on this decaying town for a night of terror.
  • Zombie Zone – A horrible accident changed the residents of Matheson’s Corner into the living dead. This Horde continues to spread the poisonous zombie making substance. There’s always room for more!

Each terror-tory features themed bars with beverages to match for the over 21 crowd, like See-Saw inside the PREYground, Scorched inside The SINdustry District, and more.

This year’s event will also see entertainment return, including “Monster Stomp,” a song and dance show full of murderous mischief complete with a live band, singers and dancers. There’s also the Coaster Creep, where guests can ride one of SeaWorld’s coasters alongside fiendish ghouls in the dark.

During the day, younger park guests can enjoy milder Halloween fun with Spooktacular, SeaWorld’s kid-friendly event for the whole family. Offerings include a hay maze, dance party, a Halloween parade, in-park trick-or-treating, and a pumpkin patch picnic. New for this year is a Día de los Muertos-themed realm, available during both daytime and nighttime hours.

The gates of SeaWorld San Antonio will open in the daytime for Spooktacular before transforming into Howl-O-Scream starting at 7 p.m. Both events are free with regular themed park admission.

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