IBM Think exhibit now open at Epcot



IBM has changed up one of their exhibits in Inoventions West at Epcot. The former IBM Smarter Planet and Runtime is gone and in its place is a theater and large touchscreen displays telling about IBM’s past 100 years.

The goal of the exhibit is to help guests think about how they can improve the way they live and work. This is the same Think exhibit that was on display in New York City.

Gesture wall
A 40-foot video wall is the first thing guests will notice as they walk up. The wall tells the stories of systems around us, with guest movement creating dynamic shapes and color. The wall also visualizes data from traffic, solar energy and air quality.

Further inside the exhibit is a theater showing a 12-minute film. Guests will hear about the pattern of progress, told through stories of the past and present. The film reveals how progress was made possible by a combination of people and technology – seeing, mapping, understanding, believing and acting.

Large Touchscreens
Twenty seven-foot interactive touchscreensallow guests to find out about everything from clocks and scales to microscopes and telescopes, RFID chips and biomedical sensors. For example, guests can learn how maps have been used to track data, from early geographical maps to recent databases.

Guests can also take part in small touchscreen games with “Icons of Progress” from IBM’s past. They’ll try to toss the icons into place and find out about the 100 IBM innovations that helped shape the last century. Cast members will hand out small buttons to guests who successfully put the icons in the correct order.

For more information on the exhibit, including the ability to download a free app, which includes much of the exhibit’s content, visit ibm.com/ibm/think


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