Interactive wand experience coming to the Wizarding World at Universal

by Banks Lee

Interactive wand markers Hogsmeade Harry Potter

As the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley draws near, more new elements for guests to experience are starting to appear.

One such experience is the addition of interactive wand stations at certain points in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure. Special markers featuring spell names and wand motions have appeared at different window locations throughout the land. We expect these markers to also be in Diagon Alley.

The Interactive wands will most likely be detected by RFID and hidden cameras will probably help detect the guest’s arm movements. The new wands are rumored to be sold for somewhere between $40 to $60.

Below, we have a look at each window and marker in Hogsmeade and what we believe will be the actions accompanying them.





At the former Zonko’s location is a Zonko’s display and the Incendio spell. Correctly triggering this may ignite some of the fireworks and rockets inside the display.





Outside of Honeydukes is a display featuring a giant chocolate frog that opens and croaks. This display has been part of Hogsmeade since the opening in 2010, but looks to now be triggered with the proper Revelio spell.





Next to Hog’s Head is a display featuring several types of herbs and plants. We think a proper Herbivicus spell will cause everything to flourish.





Near the backside of the Owl Post you’ll find another display that has been around since the land’s opening, featuring a musical box with Hogwarts castle, a wizard on a broom and a dragon. Here you’ll find two spells that can be cast: Locomotor and Arresto Momentum. Proper casting of these spells look to start up the musical & motions, while the other will stop them.






Another re-purposed display features several devices altering a suit. With two spells featured here as well, one looks to lengthen the tape measure, while the other shortens it. Here you can also spot a camera that will most likely be monitoring the motions of guests and triggering the effects if done properly.





A snowman on a cake is featured in this display. The Locomotor spell makes a return here, but by adding Snowman after it, the snowman may start moving around the top of the cake.





Wingardium Leviosa may be one of the most recognizable spells in the Wizarding World, and by making the proper motions here, one could possibly levitate a piece of Quidditch equipment that has been on display since 2010.

Stay tuned as all will be revealed at the Diagon Alley media event this week.


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