International subscription shipping rates cut in half

We’ve heard your complaints and we’ve done something about it.

We’ve agreed all along that the price we were charging for international shipping was high. So we’ve been looking into ways to lower the cost. After finally shipping our first issue, we’ve found the international rates aren’t as high as we thought they’d be. So we’ve sliced our international shipping rates in half – from $60 per year to $30 per year.

As our magazine grows in pages, and as we increase the cover thickness (starting with issue two), our shipping costs will rise. That’s part of why we set the shipping so high to begin with. But we think setting it at $30 per year is a happy medium – and is needed to keep our international subscribers happy.

So for those of you who didn’t subscribe because of the high shipping, you’re now welcome to subscribe at the lower rate.
And for those who already paid the higher price, we’ve extended your subscription by three issues. Thanks for your support and understanding.


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  1. Oh, come on. Let’s get real. I ordered a subscription to this magazine at my husband’s request and have heard nothing since other than my bank statement saying that I was charged for it. I don’t think the publication even exists because I haven’t seen it on any newstands either. My advice would be to save your money.

  2. Sorry you feel that way. I hope your husband enjoys each issue. All subscriptions have been sent out. They were sent out the week before last and may take up to three weeks for delivery.
    We’re on a couple of newsstands in Orlando and have submitted our first issue to the major distributors for consideration. The whole process to get on newsstands through distributors can take as much as four months.
    The magazine exists and many subscribers have already received their first issue – which can be verified here: