Introducing The Weekly Rewind from @Attractions

July 14 Title Plate

By Nick Russo

Twitter is like a stream, it never stops flowing. We know keeping up with everything that’s posted is next to impossible for most people who follow more than a few accounts. That’s why The Weekly Rewind is here.

Each Monday, we’ll take a look back at the best photos and videos tweeted on our @Attractions Twitter account. But don’t stop following us on Twitter. There’s much more to see than we’ll be highlighting here. Plus this new show won’t be showing the text Tweets we post, only the best of the photos and videos.

Also, we’re continuing our Photo Finds show each Tuesday, which gives you a more detailed look at the theme parks and attractions.

We hope you enjoy our first episode of “The Weekly Rewind @Attractions”. We welcome your suggestions.

The Weekly Rewind @Attractions for July 14, 2014


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