Is a ‘Kingdom Keepers’ series in development for Disney+?

Fans of the “Kingdom Keepers” book series have wanted to see Disney turn them into movies or a television show for some time, and now with Disney+, it may be happening.

On a recent episode of the Fatman Beyond podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin, discussion began about the unique way “The Mandalorian” was shot for Disney+ (you can hear it beginning at 2:05:25 [There is strong language]). Smith then mentions something interesting :

I saw that wall in real life, when we were working on the Disney, uh… when we were working on the potential Disney+ show Kingdom Keepers. They brought me in for, like, a tech day, and they were like, ‘this wall here can duplicate any background.’

UPDATE (April 5, 2020): Responding to our initial tweet of this story, Kevin Smith clarified details about this project, adding that it was something he wrote two years ago, but ultimately it got canceled.

Read his tweets and the rest of our original story below. Here’s a link to our updated story.

There hasn’t been any official word of a Kingdom Keepers show in development for the streaming platform, but it seems producers at Disney+ were circling the idea.

In terms of using the technology “The Mandalorian” used for Kingdom Keepers, they could be testing out ways they can potentially shoot a series that takes place in the Disney Parks without having to actually be in a park the entire time.

The Kingdom Keepers book series is written by Ridley Pearson and is about “five young teens, tapped as models for theme park ‘guides’, find themselves pitted against Disney villains and witches that threaten both the future of Walt Disney World and the stability of the world outside its walls.”

Want to see Disney+ still make a Kingdom Keepers series? You can send them suggestions of what you want added to the streaming platform. Here’s how to submit suggestions.

Check out our interview with the author in a past episode of “The Attractions Show” below:

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