‘It All Started with a Blog’ examines history of, fascination with creating Disney content online

by Attractions Magazine Staff

The Walt Disney Company and its daily doings have become a favorite thing to keep track of for fans online – thanks to the many bloggers, podcasters, and other content creators they follow. But what goes into being one of those creators? That’s where “It All Started with a Blog” comes in.

it all started with a blog

Theme Park Press’ newest book release, written by Paul Lane, takes a look at the history of Disney online content creation. Lane chronicles many of the early sites that used the birth of the World Wide Web to share their Disney thoughts with fans, as well as what made those like Lou Mongello, A.J. Wolfe, and even our own publisher Matt Roseboom into household names today. The book features interviews with them and almost a dozen more creators in the Disney niche.

“The idea had been kicking around in my head for some time,” said Lane. “I’ve long followed a lot of sites and wanted to break into the space myself. But I never had an idea worth pursuing. So, like a wanna-be football player who ends up writing about sports because he doesn’t have the arm to actually play, I figured I’d pick up my pad and pen and cover the blogosphere.”

“It All Started with a Blog” also covers the trials and tribulations of these Disney fan sites, and why these creators continue to work tirelessly at this – despite it not being easy to make a career out of blogging, podcasting or running a YouTube channel.

“These creators genuinely love what they do,” said Lane. “And I, like so many other followers out there, genuinely love consuming what they do. I wanted to share their successes and failures, and perhaps inspire the next great creator to break out his or her laptop and get going.”

it all started with a blog

Lane’s love of Disney started with his first visit to one of the parks – in this case, his senior band trip to Walt Disney World. There he performed (on trumpet) at the American Adventure pavilion in Epcot and kickstarted his love of theme parks. When he’s not traveling to Florida or California to get a dose of Disney magic with his wife and children, Lane is a 20-year journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Buffalo News, and American City Business Journals.

You can pick up your copy of “It All Started with a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers” at ThemeParkPress.com or on Amazon in both paper and digital formats.


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