Jingle Cruise returning to Magic Kingdom this November

The world-famous Jungle Cruise is gearing up for the holiday season with the return of the fan-favorite festive overlay, the Jingle Cruise!

jingle cruise

Starting Nov. 2, this Christmastime cruise will be available for guests to ride daily throughout the holiday season.

jingle cruise

The Skippers are feeling a little homesick for the holidays, and are coping by decorating the queue, boathouse and even the attraction itself with winter décor from home! The Skips also have a repertoire of holiday jokes for you to laugh (or roll your eyes) at.

jingle cruise

Check out our video POV of Jingle Cruise below:

Full 2014 Jingle Cruise ride during the holidays at Disney's Magic Kingdom

To learn more about holiday offerings at Magic Kingdom, visit DisneyWorld.com.


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