Kalahari Resorts opens America’s first virtual reality waterslide

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of National Waterpark Day, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions — home to America’s largest indoor waterparks and founder of National Waterpark Day — partnered with BallastVR to launch America’s first and only virtual reality waterslide.

Kalahari Resorts Virtual Reality Waterslide
Photo courtesy of Kalahari Resorts

As they race down Kalahari’s thrilling Anaconda waterslide wearing Ballast’s patented VRSlide technology headsets, riders at Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas are immersed in one of three reality worlds: adventuring on an action-packed African safari, chasing aliens through outer space, or flying through castles surrounded by fire-breathing dragons.

Kalahari Resorts Virtual Reality Waterslide
Image courtesy of BallastVR

“We wanted to do something extraordinary to celebrate the fifth-annual National Waterpark Day, and what better way than to introduce America’s first virtual reality slide?” said Cary Brandt, corporate creative director of entertainment at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. “Our guests will be truly blown away by the experience offered by Ballast’s VRSlide technology, and we’re proud to continue to innovate the waterpark experience to bring our guests the best in entertainment.”

As the first company in the world to bring virtual reality to the unique environment of water parks, Ballast matched the virtual reality content with the slide layout to maximize the experience for each guest.

“There’s a magical combination that comes from merging immersive virtual reality worlds with the thrill of riding down a real waterslide. At Ballast, we’ve been committed to bringing that magic to waterparks for the last four years with VRSlide, and we couldn’t be more pleased to debut this system in America with Kalahari Resorts,” said Ballast VR CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Greenwood. “The Anaconda at Kalahari is the perfect match for VRSlide, and the result is an incredible guest experience that can be repeated over and over without getting old. We’re deeply appreciative of Kalahari’s vision for innovation and their leadership in the immersive entertainment space.”

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  1. Wow interesting post you share.

    I think opening the first virtual slide will be very beneficial for Kalahari Resort. Because nowadays people looking for something new and some unique adventures and this is one of them.

    Good for enjoyment and fun!!!