Epcot construction moves forward, with new offerings coming soon

Epcot’s new Future World is on its way. The name of this new area? World Celebration. Upon completion, it will once again be the heart of Epcot. Currently, work on the area looks like Disney’s Hollywood Studios did about five years ago; construction is everywhere, walls have risen, but something great is on the way. With the Epcot monorail loop now open once again, we were able to snag these shots of the ongoing work in the center of the park.

Epcot's new Future World.

As you can clearly see, imagination works best when it is set free, and this entire area was leveled to let the Imagineers’ new view of Epcot birth from this open space. You are looking at the future location of Journey of Water – Inspired By Moana, as well as what we believe will be the future home of the next Walt Disney statue.

Dreamer's Point Walt Disney Statue at Epcot.

Dreamer’s Point will showcase Walt Disney looking at his dream come alive: a place built on the idea of looking forward with technology and continually discovering from the rich history, traditions and lives of others around the world.

Epcot construction requires a lot of dirt.

However, it will require more than faith, trust and pixie dust to make this dream a reality. As you can see, it also requires a lot of dirt.

New popcorn stand seen in the Epcot construction.

But, hidden in that dirt, we can find views of things to come. This popcorn kiosk is on the way, and it showcases the push to make Epcot’s design consistent across the park. We spoke in a previous article on how this stand matches the one we see next to Test Track.

Spaceship Earth stands tall over the remnants of Future World.

Here, we can see the future location of the Festival Center. This was originally proposed as a massive new structure, with a park on top. It is now, “a newly reimagined festival area that will be home to ever-changing events in a unique new environment,” though we aren’t entirely sure what that means. The beginning of the Epcot construction unfortunately happened during the longest closure in Disney Parks history.

New Epcot Concept Art Comes to Life at Disney D23 Expo 2019
Epcot Festival Center seen at 4:45.

Seen in the video above, this space was originally imagined as another monstrous structure at Epcot, a meeting place for guests to enjoy Epcot festivals. It would be a multi-level structure with indoor and outdoor offerings, and would potentially have the best view of the “Harmonious” fireworks in the entire park.

The future home of the Creations Shop.

One of the most interesting looks is at the Creations Shop. According to Disney, the Creations Shop and the re-imagined Club Cool will both open this summer. We expect more barrier walls to cover the first floor windows as construction ends on the Creations Shop and moves into the center of the space. Even more has been completed since these photos were taken, so the Creations Shop edges ever closer to an opening date.

Close up on the Creations Shop and Club Cool.

As we look closer, we can see a scissor lift still inside the building. And, while a bit hard to see, we can also see some colored circular graphics on the wall near the center left. This shop will replace MouseGear, a long-standing retail space that was the biggest merchandise location in a Disney park.

Journey of Water - Inspired by Moana construction inside the World Celebration area of Epcot.

Last, but certainly not least, we look over this concrete structure. It’s located in the area for Journey of Water – Inspired By Moana. While this structure has not yet been identified, we assume it may be a backstage area for cast members or a maintenance bay for the water effects used in this walk-through attraction. More work will have to be done before we can be sure of its purpose. As of the posting of this article, there has not been an official opening date announced for Journey of Water. And, it should be noted, this attraction is more experience-based, and isn’t a ride.

Epcot Future World Construction Update on Re-Opened Monorail Loop

The above video recaps what we have spoken about related to ongoing Epcot construction. Future World, soon to be World Celebration, is on the way. But, it has been many years since this project was initially spoken about. We are eager for more areas to open up.

Imagineer Zach Riddley gave a behind-the-scenes look from the Epcot construction site near the Creations Shop. One day soon, guests will be in these buildings once again. Will we be able to see the construction moving forward? Or, will walls cover what is to come? That we don’t yet know. But, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to be among the first to find out.

With more offerings to come, what are you most excited about in the new Epcot?


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  1. Please report correctly. Future World is NOT becoming WORLD CELEBRATION. Only the FRONT of Future World will be called that. EPCOT will have 4 WORLDS, when fully complete: WORLD SHOWCASE, WORLD CELEBRATION, WORLD DISCOVERY and WORLD NATURE.
    Thank you

  2. Actually Robyn it’s the center of Future World that will eventually be called World Celebration with World Discovery being where Test Track and Mission Space are currently located and World Nature where The Land and The Seas with Nemo currently are located
    Another great article Tharin
    Please keep the updates coming and thanks for the Figment reference at the start of the article