Epcot prepares to open first phase of new World Celebration

by Tharin White

Back in April, we wrote about how much of Epcot’s Future World has been under construction for years. This massive project of revamping the heart of Epcot was unfortunately stuck in the middle of a pandemic. But, even with the struggle of 2020, steps have been taken forward towards completion. With these photos, taken by Bioreconstruct on Twitter, we can see over the walls into the area of magic-making in the new World Celebration.

Bioreconstruct overview of Epcot future world and world celebration construction.

Above, we can see the former site of the Innoventions West building, which housed Epcot Character Spot, Starbucks, Club Cool, and a set of interactive games and activities in the Innoventions exhibit. This area will one day host Journey Of Water, inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “Moana.”

Close-up look at new concrete structure for Moana "Journey of Water" attraction.

Peering beyond the walls, we can see the first structure forming for this new Moana attraction. Whether from this shot, or with aerial images, this new structure doesn’t give anything away.

Concept art of Epcot's new World Celebration area.

The concept art isn’t a big help either. While artistic pieces of concept imagery, such as this, usually give a great feeling of a new space, they aren’t always perfect for exact placements. Circled in yellow is where this new structure has been built. Disney may have chosen to just showcase trees in this area because the structure may end up being a backstage element. There is no need to show off a water filtration building in concept art. Journey Of Water still has work to be done, as does much of World Celebration.

Overview of construction on former Innoventions West and MouseGear building.

But, it appears a new section is ready to be opened. Seen at the bottom left, a new stand is under construction.

Sunshine Griddle kiosk near Test Track.
Photo by Seth Kubersky

Near Test Track, the Sunshine Griddle looks to be the exact same style of building. The biggest difference of these two kiosks is the color. Epcot structures being the same in style, minus a color difference, is something we have seen before with the new Epcot entrance update.

Epcot’s ‘Leave A Legacy’ Walls Return With New Look

The ticket booths at the front of the park showcase the hues of the rainbow. Even the re-imagined Leave-A-Legacy walls came back with a pop of color. Zach Riddley, a Creative Portfolio Executive with Walt Disney Imagineering, stated that, “We’re [Imagineers] developing an entirely new color palette for Epcot. Our Imagineering color designers are amazing, and the hues selected will accentuate the architecture and new neighborhoods coming to life in the front of the park. And just like the decisions we all make at home, picking colors takes time and a lot of testing.”

World Celebration erects new walls around upcoming kiosk.

This new kiosk is close to completion, as least as in comparison to many other projects currently underway. It appears Disney is erecting a new construction wall at the arrow shown in the image above. The surrounding dirt and walkways are also more prepared than elsewhere in the World Celebration construction. Disney stated that the new Creations Shop and Club Cool would open this summer. While not confirmed, it can be expected that this new kiosk would open the same time, or possibly even sooner, than these shops.

A new kiosk certainly isn’t the biggest opening in the world, but is yet another step towards a new Epcot. The re-imagined entrance fountain for Epcot was met with much praise, so we are eager to see this next space.


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