Knott’s Berry Farm commemorates 100th anniversary celebration

Ghost Town citizens, park characters, and Knott’s Berry Farm staff were on hand to place notable items inside a time capsule as a way to preserve the history and heritage of the Farm for its 100th anniversary. The capsule was placed at the entrance of Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair, and will be opened 50 years from now, on June 30, 2071.

knott's berry farm

By Eric Oh

Along with the items selected by each department for the time capsule, the Knott’s team will also be placing a banner covered with names and signatures of their current park associates.

knott's berry farm

In 50 years, future park associates will be entrusted with the honor of upholding the values and traditions that we instill today. Additionally, Knott’s will be commemorating this ceremony by capturing a panoramic picture of everyone in attendance. This image will also be placed in the time capsule so that 50 years from
now, the folks who gather to for the opening of it can know exactly who was present the day it was sealed.

Knott’s Berry Farm continues with its 100th Anniversary: A Knott’s Family Reunion along with Knott’s Summer Nights through September 6. Reservations are still required for all tickets and season passes.

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