Orlando attractions welcome Pokémon GO players

by Seth Kubersky
Pokémon GO players

Pokémon GO is all the rage, and Legoland Florida and Fun Spot Orlando are welcoming its players. (Photos via Legoland)

By Seth Kubersky

Pokémon GO has exploded in popularity in the days since the augmented reality Nintendo game debuted on Android and iOS devices, and local attractions like Legoland Florida, Bok Tower Gardens, and Fun Spot Orlando are capitalizing on the craze by welcoming Pokémon GO players with game-related advice and perks.

The monster-capturing video game has garnered attention and controversy as millions of players have been exploring their neighborhoods, parks, and even national monuments in search of digital creatures. Yesterday, Legoland Florida became the first major Central Florida attraction to publicly publish formal guidelines to Pokémon GO players.

The Grand Carousel

Guests at Legoland are welcome to play Pokémon GO during their visit, but the resort has issued a few ground rules to ensure a safe search:

• Even a Pokémon Master must stay within guest areas. Please don’t climb any fences or follow any Pokémon into employee only areas.
• No catch is worth sacrificing your safety. All play must pause throughout the duration of your ride until you exit the ride.
• Be sure not to bump into one of our more than 28 thousand LEGO models – that could hurt!
• With more than one hundred Pokémon to catch, be sure to stay hydrated.
• If you find a Pokémon at the Fun Town Pizza Pasta Buffet, let the nearest Model Citizen know, we prefer pepperoni over Poké Balls.
• If hours of play have unleashed the power of your phone, recharge in the Imagination Zone.
• If your wild encounter leads you to Wyldstyle, keep in mind she may need to stop for a selfie with another guest before you can make your catch.

DUPLO Valley

In nearby Lake Wales, Bok Tower Gardens is joining the bandwagon with Pokemon “GO to the Gardens” on Saturday, July 16. Pokémon GO enthusiasts are encouraged to “GO to the Gardens” on Saturday, July 16 from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. where special virtual lures will be set attracting rare Pokemon characters. Players will receive $2 off general admission by showing the app on their mobile phone prior to purchase at the Entrance Gate and are encouraged to wear their team colors in celebration.

As Bok Tower Gardens is a place of serenity and meditation for many visitors, gamers will be instructed to be respectful of others and the grounds. After playing the game, visitors will be encouraged to put away their screens and take in the authentic views and vistas.

Back in Orlando, Fun Spot‘s International Drive park is inviting Pokémon GO players to visit the park this Saturday, July 16, for a free Pokémon Meet Up. Fun Spot Orlando has 8 Pokéstops as well as a gym at the SkyCoaster that teams can battle to take over. The park will deploy Lure Modules throughout the day for everyone to enjoy, and there is no fee for parking or admission. Small children must be accompanied by an adult. You can find more information on Fun Spot’s Facebook event page.

For more Pokémon GO theme park fun, check out our video report on playing Pokémon GO inside Walt Disney World:

Playing Pokémon GO at Disney World


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James July 14, 2016 - 1:05 am

It’s a smart move by the Orlando attractions to do this. I have an ice cream store in my town that keep letting off those lure things and they always have a line out the door each evening. It’s a fantastic business model. I hope to see Disney and Universal do more to incorporate this in the parks. I know that will bring up the questions of intellectual property rights though.


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