Legoland Florida given local approval to reopen June 1 with restrictions

Legoland Florida Resort has been given local approval to reopen its theme park on June 1 with some restrictions, as reported by The Ledger.

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UPDATE – 05/22/20: Legoland Florida Resort will officially open on June 1. The resort’s reopening plan has been endorsed by the Polk County Commission and Winter Haven Mayor Bradley T. Dantzler, and now fully complies with Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 2020-123.

“As part of Merlin Entertainments, our leaders across the globe have been sharing best practices daily, and we’ve been able to apply what we’ve learned from other successful Merlin attraction reopenings to be confident with our Resort’s reopening plan. In addition, we have also sought guidance from our partners at AdventHealth,” said Rex Jackson, general manager of Legoland Florida Resort. “We’re ready to play, and we look forward to reopening Legoland Florida Resort as a safe and memorable place for families to play again.”

You can read more about the official announcement, as well as the safety procedures that will be put in place here.

UPDATE – 05/21/20, 12:25 p.m.: We have received a statement from Legoland Florida Resort on their possible reopening, which you can read below:

The health and safety of our guests and employees at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort continues to be paramount. In preparation for the reopening of our Resort, we have developed a comprehensive plan of enhanced health and safety measures that received endorsement from the Polk County Commission and Winter Haven Mayor Bradley T. Dantzler this week. Our reopening plan, along with both local government endorsement letters, was submitted to Governor Ron DeSantis this morning. We’re ready to play, and we look forward to reopening LEGOLAND Florida Resort as a safe and memorable place for families to play again soon. Guests can stay up-to-date with all our health and safety enhancements and the upcoming release of our reopening date on our website, here:

While an official announcement has not yet been made, the Winter Haven City Commission gave Legoland Florida the O.K. to reopen after Rex Jackson, general manager, detailed the theme park’s sanitation, social distancing, and other restrictions it would operate until during the COVID-19 crisis. The park will still need state approval in order to reopen, however.

Once fully approved, the park will reopen with a maximum 50-percent capacity, which is about 6,000 people. Legoland will also recommend, though not require, that all guests wear a face mask; complimentary face masks will be provided for those who don’t bring one.

Legoland will also enforce the 50-percent capacity limitation at other facilities inside the park, including restaurants, live entertainment venues, the new Pirate Island Hotel and the original Legoland Hotel. Some attractions will not reopen in June, due to social distancing requirements. These include some games, interactive play areas, and meet and greets with characters.

According to Legoland Florida Resort’s official website, the new Legoland Pirate Island Hotel will open on June 1, 2020. The hotel was originally planned to open in April of this year.

Legoland Florida will not allow admission to anyone who has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, just like Disney Springs and Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. The park will also refuse to admit everyone in that person’s party on the assumption that they might also carry the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 without showing symptoms.

The park’s employees will take the temperatures of every guest at the entrance with a forehead thermometer, and if that temperature reads at or above 100.4 degrees, the guest will be re-tested with a different thermometer to confirm.

Restaurants will not have self-service buffets and salad bars, or access to soda fountains and condiment stations. Table service will be the only source for all food and beverages.

As for cleaning and sanitization in the park, Legoland employees will follow a stricter regiment, which will include regular sanitation of restaurant tables and seats, handles, and other high-touch surfaces like parts of rides, door handles, and restrooms. There will also be a number of hand sanitizer dispensers available.

All employees will be required to wear masks, and some will be required to wear gloves, face shields, and other personal protective equipment. Plastic screens have also been installed at cashier and service stations. In addition, only credit or debit cards will be accepted for payment inside the park.

Once they receive the state’s go-ahead to reopen, Legoland will ask guests to book online when possible before arrival to help manage the 50-percent capacity limit. However, pre-arrival bookings will not be required.

While Legoland Florida Resort has received local approval to reopen, they will need the state of Florida’s approval in order to make their proposed June 1 date.

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  1. 99 percent survival rate! No one should have to wear a mask outside in the hot sun! Unconstitutional!

    1. Just to leave a comment on this but I would like to thank you for considering other people’s health on this. If you actually look at people on YouTube who have already gone out in the weather with masks on, they are starting that it is really not that bad.

      If you would really like to complain more about this then I suggest that you stay at home please and thank you.

    2. It’s unconstitutional for a private company to require you do something while on their property? These places have every right to turn you away if you don’t comply to their policies, and you have every right now to go if you don’t agree with the policies, but nothing about this is unconstitutional, and you making that argument makes me think you’re someone who has probably never even read the constitution.

    3. Dear Brain-e-ack,

      Please tell us about the part of the constitution that mentions facemasks.

      Tanks (and aero planes)