Legoland Florida planning large theme park expansion

Thanks to Florida’s very transparent permitting websites, plans for a Legoland Florida park expansion have leaked. Project “Venus” appears to move this new area of the theme park into the parking lot as a redistribution of space.

Project Venus permits for Legoland Florida expansion.

While these permits are obtained from a official government-based website, this is not an official confirmation of a park expansion. These are permit requests, and until Legoland Florida themselves confirm, they must be taken as a rumor. We were first alerted to the plans via the Orlando Sentinel.

When we reached out to Legoland for comment, a spokesperson said, “We’re always looking for opportunities to build new attractions and experiences for families at Legoland Florida Resort as the ultimate vacation destination for kids. We’re excited for our next ‘big build’ at the Legoland Florida Resort, but you’ll have to wait until next year for more expansion news.”

Legoland Florida is moving ahead full speed for its already announced 10th anniversary celebration. This celebration includes a new watersports stunt show, special weekends events, and apparently the plan to announce a new park expansion. Legoland’s 10 anniversary will be Oct. 15, 2021. We do not expect this new area to be open in time for the anniversary. But work could start relatively soon. And with the anniversary happening next fall, it does give an entire year after that for this new area to open during for a possible 10th anniversary year-long celebration.

New construction permits for Legoland.
Click the image for the full-sized permit.

By looking at the submitted site plan, we can make a couple guesses as to what will be included in this new area. We can assume there will be a roller coaster, a drop tower attraction, a spinner ride, a water-play area, a covered kids play area, a tornado (flying-spinner) ride, an outdoor busbar (track ride) or car attraction, an outdoor amphitheater and a playground.

While not immediately visible, it could also be assumed there will be an outdoor food vending cart. And, it is likely that the large proposed main building could hold a food court, ample seating, a small merchandise area and/or perhaps a mini-stage for shows.

Demolition permits for Legoland.

Above is the current proposed plan for demotion. In the proposal it was stated that, “The proposed demolition for this project consists of approximately 4.52 acres of impervious parking lot and the proposed sitework only consists of approximately 2.52 acres of new impervious area, resulting in a net decrease of 2 acres of impervious surface. The remaining proposed surfaces within the project area include semi-pervious rubber mulch material, artificial turf and sod/landscaping.”

With this information, we learn that the total area of expansion is about 4.5 acres. The parking lot will be demolished in this area. The new expansion should have 2.5 acres of impervious area, such as concrete walkways or structures. The remaining areas will be landscaping, artificial turf (commonly used for children’s playgrounds), and rubber mulch materials.

Aerial view of Legoland Florida.

The permit was proposed on an older aerial photo, but this does give an example of the land size in comparison to the rest of the park. At the blue dot is the entrance to Legoland Florida. At yellow we have Fun Town land for the smallest kids. The green dot is Miniland USA, and orange is the Lego Kingdoms area. The newest major in-park expansion is at the pink dot, Lego Movie World.

As you can see, this land will be significant in size compared to its sister lands. It will also be in a bit of a remote location as compared to the other areas of the park. The permits do not currently show a backstage walkway or specified way that it will be connected to the park.

First Look inside Pirate Island Hotel Rooms at Legoland Florida Resort

The newest offering currently at the Legoland Florida Resort is the Pirate Island Hotel. Legoland Florida will be offering numerous pirate-themed experiences this year.

Lego licensed properties.

For this new land, there are a lot of different themes they could choose to go with. Lego has a massive assortment of licenses for characters based on films, books, and video-games. Now, just because there is a Lego Jurassic World set for sale, that doesn’t mean we can expect a Lego Velocicoaster anytime soon (but wouldn’t that be cool!). But it does mean that Lego has a large range of characters, both licensed and dreamed-up in house, to pull from. This land could certainly push from those properties or turn out to be a totally original new area.

Does the project name of Venus give us any clues? Could it be themed to outer space? Maybe Benny the astronaut from The Lego Movies?

Or could Venus refer to the goddess of love from Greek mythology? Legoland Windsor recently announced a new land called Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures.

Only time, and eventually Legoland themselves, will tell us exactly what to expect in this rumored new space.

What do you think of these permits for Legoland Florida? What would you like this area to be themed around? Let us know in the comments.


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