Legoland Florida unveils large Lego Globe and new interactive area

legoland florida lego globe

Legoland Florida and Tampa Electric have unveiled a new six-foot Lego Globe at Imagination Zone as part of initiatives to further education on renewable energy inside the park.

Built out of more than 250,000 Lego bricks, guests will be able to enjoy the installation along with a new interactive area that features Lego mini-model communities. The additions to the park emphasize the use of renewable energy, reinforcing Legoland Florida’s efforts on green energy education.

“We are excited to add both the Lego Globe and interactive communities to Imagination Zone, giving our guests a new way to interact while learning the benefits of renewable energy,” said Legoland Florida General Manager Adrian Jones.

Guests will be able to experience an entirely new interactive area within Imagination Zone, including mini communities that show the full effect of renewable energy. The Lego Globe will also include tactile elements, with visitors able to affect the rate of rotation with solar panels located around the new model.

Legoland Florida and Tampa Electric previously kicked off the partnership on Earth Day by running the park completely on renewable energy for the entire day, the first theme park to do so in the U.S. The partnership also included the installation of a 30-kilowatt solar panel array mounted atop the Imagination Zone attraction venue. The Imagination Zone is being solely powered by this program.

The new areas add to the multiple educational aspects already within Legoland Florida. The park gives children a chance to learn and play with STEM-based activities such as Lego Mindstorms robots, Build & Test and Power Towers. The additions are included with park admission.

Time-Lapse of Lego Globe build at Legoland Florida

Fun Facts
• The Globe took over 600 hours to construct and stands six feet tall.
• The model consists of over 250,000 Lego bricks.
• The Lego Globe rotates based on the amount of sunshine, showing the effects of solar power.
• The model is also interactive, with visitors able to affect the rate of rotation with tactile solar panels.
• Mini landmarks are visible for guests to enjoy, including the Eiffel Tower, pyramids from Egypt and more.


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