Level up your WEB Slingers experience with WEB Power Bands at Avengers Campus

As the opening date rapidly approaches for Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, the Disney Parks Blog has shared a look at a new immersive piece of merchandise that can actually change your ride experience aboard WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure — WEB Power Bands.

web power bands

On the ride, “recruits” will don 3D glasses on a test-drive of the WEB Slinger vehicle, where they will reach out their hands and “sling webs” from their wrists just like Spider-Man.

web power bands

But with the newly-announced WEB Power Band, guests can unlock a mode within the ride that features multi-fire webs to personalize the game for a brand-new experience. There are also add-on WEB Tech options inspired by other heroes including Ghost Spider with electro-dynamic webs, as well as Iron Man and Rescue with repulsor blasts.

At home, the WEB Power Band with Spider-Man and Ghost Spider-inspired WEB Tech feature lights, sounds, projections, and webs that eject and retract; the Iron Man and Rescue-inspired Repulsor Cannons light up and blast air while you’re practicing with training spheres.


These WEB Power Bands are the latest interactive tech to be announced for Avengers Campus, following the reveal and early release of Spider-Bots.

Other merchandise guests can look forward to finding in the land are Spider-Man-inspired goggles with 17 unique digital expressions; authentic web-shooters that feature lights, sounds, and a display stand; Funko Pop! figures of Spider-Man and Iron Man; and a variety of products inspired by science and featuring the WEB logo.

Those looking to pick up some Avengers Campus gear can head over to Campus Supply Pod located near WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure to find an assortment of apparel featuring the campus logo and other gear.

Avengers Campus will welcome new recruits to the Avengers initiative on June 4, 2021! To learn more, visit Disneyland.com.


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