First-ever life-size, drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron at Legoland California for limited time

It might not be Santa’s sleigh, but it’s got more than one million Lego Technic elements, over 2,000 Lego electric motors and more than 4,000 Lego Technic gears – it’s the first-ever life-size and drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron, now on display at Legoland California Resort.

lego bugatti
Photos by Sandy Huffaker/Legoland

The Lego Bugatti Chiron took a team of designers and builders more than 13,000 hours to construct. Like the actual Chiron, this self-propelled Technic car has a real spoiler, speedometer, front and back lights, and detachable steering wheel that are all fully functional.

lego bugatti

The real-life Chiron can reach record-breaking speeds of 300 miles per hour, but the Lego version can only reach a speed of 12 miles per hour. The Lego car has been engineered without glue to keep the model together and allow it to be driven. As guests get closer to the Lego version, they’ll see that interconnected triangular segments make up the body of the vehicle!

Guests can see the Lego Bugatti on display now at Legoland California Resort for a limited time. To learn more about Legoland California Resort, visit


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