Magic Kingdom Photo Update for July 6, 2008

I realize Ricky just did a photo update on the Magic Kingdom last week, but our photo updates will come as we happen to visit the parks. We’re making this a random feature. The photo updates will come as we visit the various attractions, whether we happen to be visiting for the magazine or just for fun with family. My visit yesterday was with family. Last week’s update was more of what’s new. This update is just some of what I did and observed as I walked through the park.

I started out, as all do, at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Here’s a zoomed-in look at the Contemporary from the Monorail Station.

I noticed they were giving out these in the pin store on Main Street. It’s a fun pin trading game you can play to try to collect all of the different types of pins listed. Of course, you need 20 pins to fill it, so you need 20 pins to trade with. I’m not sure if you get anything for filling it or not.

Disney’s Magic Music Days were taking place on the Tomorrowland stage. Here a group of girls from Naples and Marco Island, Fla. performs.

I noticed these two signs outside of the Carousel of Progress.

Buzz Lightyear was also meeting guests just outside of Carousel of Progress. Stitch was also nearby.

I noticed this Buzz Lightyear penny press machine by his merchandise stand. Is it new?

The cast members even make window cleaning fun. The kids were having fun watching this guy at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight cafe make Mickeys and Minnies with the window cleaner.

A look at the hoedown in Frontierland.

A look at the two birds in the que area for the Tiki Room. The bird on the right is voiced by Don Rickles, the same voice of Mr. Potato Head. How do I know? Because he called the other bird a hockey puck.

A look at the fairly new make-your-own Mickey ears area in The Chapeau shop on Main Street.

While in The Chapeau, pick up this phone and listen to the citizens of Main Street.


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  1. Ah, gotta love the Hoedown. I used to watch it almost every day during my two month International Program. But in 99, it was only dancers and Country Bears. It’s nice to see they added the Brers.
    Hey, Ricky could get us the audio for the show! 🙂 I used to know the whole routine by heart, but no longer… 🙁
    When I was not in Frontierland, I was in Adventureland, and in those days I’d catch several Tiki Room pre-shows. THANK YOU for solving that unspoken, 8-year-old doubt of mine, Matt! Don Rickles! The other is Phil Hartman, I think.

  2. Those Carousel of Progress signs are fantastic. I’m happy to see that Disney is trying to draw attention to it. It’s a much-needed sit-down, air-conditioned attraction during the hot Summer months.

  3. We got right on the Carousel. The line for Buzz was much longer. But that’s why we rode – for a good, long cool-down, and it’s a great show.