Magnetron closing at Downtown Disney, but two new stores to open and one to remodel

Magnetron, a long-time tenant at Downtown Disney West Side will be closing their store at the end of September to make way for a new clothing store. Another new clothing store, Apricot Lane is opening this Friday in the Pleasure Island section, and another long-time West Side tenant, Sunglass Icon, will be undergoing a remodel.

Magnetron, a store that specializes in specialty designed “refrigerator magnets” will be closing on Sept. 30, along with their Lefty’s left handed merchandise stand in the Marketplace. Opening in the Magnetron location will be Blink by Wet Seal. There’s no word on what will replace the Lefty’s merchandise stand.

Blink by Wet Seal specializes in denim jeans and other denim clothes for women, teens and children. They’ll also sell tops and accessories. Blink currently has a location at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.

Apricot Lane, a ladies boutique offering celebrity-inspired branded apparel, fashion jewelry, handbags and accessories is set to open this Friday in Pleasure Island, in the location formerly occupied by the Harley Davidson store. Harley recently moved to a location in the West Side. An Apricot Lane store also recently opened at the Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.

Sunglasses Icon by Sunglass Hut in the West Side will undergoing a complete renovation this fall. It will become one of their flagship stores.

• Look for our report on Apricot Lane in the Aug. 18 episode of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.


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  1. This reallysaddens me. I love Magnetron and so does my family. I dont think a clothing store would replace all the laughter experienced when shopping at Magnetron. This is certainly a “feel good” store and we need more Magnetrons not less. My lefty friends will miss shopping there as well.

  2. This is just a shame and some disney executive is making a mistake in closing this store for a clothing store. Magnetron is a destination store. When i have friends and relatives vacationing in Orlando they want to hit the “magnet” store at Disney.

  3. Disney have completely got it wrong with downtown Disney they shouldn’t have shut down the adult section don’t they realise that adults like Disney as well and a previous comment is absolute correct they seem to be emulating a mall rather than an actual downtown which is to supply entertainment, shopping(unique stores) and restaurants(Unique not chain). Making Citywalk more interesting.

  4. I need (100 /hundred ) circle magnets can you give me a G P S address also phone number. I will pickup, myself. Thanks