New Main Event Play Academy field trips combine learning and fun

by Samantha Davis-Friedman

Kids can learn while they play, thanks to Main Event Play Academy, an in-center experience based on STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) that’s bringing fun, standard-based learning experiences to Main Event locations around the country.

Main Event Play Academy
Images courtesy of Main Event Entertainment

Through a partnership with leading education consultants STEM.org and Big Thought Institute — the consulting division of the creative youth development organization Big Thought — the first-of-its-kind accredited educational program from the Texas-based entertainment company allows students in grades 1-12 to enjoy four educational learning labs that complement Main Event’s attractions. From learning about variables through bowling to experimenting with kinetic energy through Skeeball to calculating percentages while enjoying pizza, Main Event Play Academy makes learning fun.

“The Main Event team are visionaries in this space,” said Big Thought President & CEO Byron Sanders. “Building an experience of these learning labs leverages the assets that they have in droves — excitement, fun, creativity, and community. It was such an organic fit for our team to co-design, and we are thrilled for youth all over the country to dive in. Learning by doing, developing by creating. This too is what 21st-century education is all about.”

Main Event Play Academy Educational Learning Labs:

Main Event Play Academy - Bowling

Bowling – Students will test their skills in 10 frames of bowling while experimenting with a range of variables. The data they collect will demonstrate how the scientific method can be an informative tool for many challenges — even perfecting bowling skills.

Main Event Play Academy - Laser Tag

Laser Tag – Students will strategically place mirrors in their laser tag arena to identify the best refraction angles to tag their opponent. They will extend their Main Event experience back in the classroom by creating their own laser tag maze based on reflection and refraction.

Main Event Play Academy - Air Hockey

Arcade Games – Students will use skeeball, basketball, and air hockey to experiment with probability, kinetic energy, and averages. Then, they will use the knowledge from their experience to create their own arcade game.

Main Event Play Academy - Pizza

Pizza – Students will collect data to learn how fractions and percentages can determine the cost of things, all while enjoying their favorite Main Event pie. Once back in the classroom, they will transfer that knowledge to their own pizza business model.

“Partnering with educational leaders like STEM.org and Big Thought allows us the opportunity to provide standards-based field trips that teachers can trust while simultaneously showing youth that learning can happen through fun, memorable experiences,” said Robert Jenkins, vice president of sales and strategic initiatives for Main Event Entertainment. “We’re excited to open our doors to students in the community to show them learning happens everywhere.”

Play Academy field trips require a minimum of 10 participants and depend on availability. Workshops will vary in pricing, and activity options will be dependent on class size and curriculum. Labs can be booked either individually or as a bundle. Click here for more information.

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