Mandoria City of Adventures opens as Europe’s largest indoor theme park

by Susan and Simon Veness

Mandoria City of Adventures, the largest theme park in Europe and largest indoor theme park in Poland, has opened, with two roller coasters, five carousel-style rides, a shooting range, and more — all with a distinctive Renaissance flair.

Mandoria City of Adventures

Themed as a trading city during the Renaissance, Mandoria family amusement park opened its doors on July 8, as Lady Estelle, manager of Mandoria, handed over the key to the City of Adventure’s gates to a young girl who was one of the park’s first visitors.

Guests enter a city that looks like its centuries old, where 20 attractions and a host of costumed characters await. And, in keeping with its family-friendly nature, the rides are designed so that everyone can enjoy them together.

Mandoria City of Adventures opening day

“The entire park was styled as a 16th-century trading city,” said park manager Daniel Zieliński. “It has its inhabitants and its secrets. Attractions are part of this works, for many visitors the most important one. However, it should be emphasized that Mandoria is a family park where you can discover something new all the time. And what is important — visitors will experience it together, because all attractions can be enjoyed by both children and adults.”

Debuting as Europe’s largest indoor theme park just a year after the opening of unaffiliated Suntago Waterworld, Europe’s largest water park, Mandoria’s top attractions are:

Merkant: Poland’s longest roller coaster, at 869 feet, rising 22 feet high, and with a top speed of 22 miles per hour. It’s family-friendly, themed as old-world, open-top freight transport cars.

Leonardo’s Lighthouse: Pedal your way around an ancient lighthouse on a floating bicycle and see if you can solve the mystery of why the “eternal light” is starting to fade.

Galleon: This giant sailing ship “whirls over the port” as it slides along its back-and-forth track.


Treasury: Enter a labyrinth of mirrors and search for hidden secrets.

Caravan: An exquisite bi-level Venetian carousel that takes riders on a journey through the Mandorian bazaar. Rumor has it, the merchants’ animals can talk!

Jewel: Based on the City of Adventure’s skills with jewelry-making, this suspended swing-seat ride is a real gem.

Mandoria City of Adventures Leonardo's Lighthouse

Iwona Buchcic, spokeswoman for the park, said, “Mandoria is the first theme park in Poland located so close to a large city; it’s only 20 kilometers from Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. We are convinced that it will become an important and frequently visited place for the inhabitants of Lodz and its surroundings. As the same time, it will be one of the most interesting family tourist attractions in Poland, which will attraction many tourists to the Lodz Voivodeship. Thanks to its location, it is an ideal attraction to visit also during longer trips to the mountains or to the sea.”

Additional attraction at the park include:

Fisherman Bartek: Long ago, a fisherman named Rybak Bartek accidentally caught a shark while fishing in the sea. Now he only fishes in the Mandorian bay, and he invites visitors to join him in this kid-friendly boat ride.

Fisherman Bartak boat ride

Barbakan: Enjoy spectacular views over the City of Adventure while climbing to the top of its gateway, then slide down one of six tracks in a race to the bottom.

Dark Manor: Descend into the basement of the haunted Dark Court manor, if you dare, and discover its hidden secrets on Poland’s only roller coaster that runs in the dark.

Town Hall: Kid territory! One of the largest playrooms in the country, Town Hall is the ideal spot to let youngsters loose.

Mandoria City of Adventures Town Hall

Shoe Ball: Bumper cars shaped like shoes? Why not!

Shooting range: Join the Harbor Guard and take aim with a historic rifle at Mandoria’s shooting range.

Clown Orchestra: Hilarity ensues when the clown orchestra plays for riders on this “moving bench” merry-go-round attraction.

Barrels: Hop into a wine barrel for a spin around the vineyard in this classic “Tea Cups” style ride.

Weatherfish Bay: Take the wheel of a remote-control boat and race with friends and family.

Lifeboats: A kid-friendly pedal boat ride, where the waters of Mandoria bay offer just enough thrills.

Many attractions are disabled-friendly, and some attractions have height restrictions. PTAK S.A., originators and owners of Mandoria City of Adventures, expects to expand the park with an open-air zone, planned for a later date.

Tickets are PLN 99 ($25.60 USD); Children 84 centimeters (2 feet, 7 inches tall) and under are free.

For more information about Mandoria City of Adventures, visit Mandoria.com.


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