Mardi Gras brings a French Quarter vibe to Fun Spot America

Mardi Gras returns to the Fun Spot America parks in Kissimmee and Orlando from now through April 4, 2022, with a kid-friendly parade, themed food, and family-fun “foto spots.”

Mardi Gras at Fun Spot America
Photos by Fun Spot America

Green, purple, and yellow décor is the first clue The Big Easy has come to Fun Spot America. The tantalizing scent of festival foods tempts guests even further, while the swingin’ sounds of jazz music really gets the party going.

Mardi Gras fun starts with festive “fotos”:

Event-themed photo backdrops have been set up around the park, and they’re free for all guests to enjoy.

Dance along with a kid-friendly parade:

On Saturday from now through April 4, guests of all ages can sing and dance as French Quarter-inspired parades wind their way through each park (and they’re free!). Be ready when the bead necklaces are thrown your way!

Fuel up with Bayou Bites:

Each of the Fun Spot America parks have cooked up a special Mardi Gras menu of traditional sweet and savory favorites, plus the Nawlins Spirits that help make the event an annual fun-fest.

Mardi Gras Voodoo Chicken

Orlando Fun Spot America’s menu features:

 Voodoo Chicken – Fried chicken wings in a sweet-and-spicy Thai chili sauce

Gator Bites – Alligator nuggets with Nawlins sauce

Cajun Fries – Lightly spiced fries with a side of Nawlins sauce

Fat Tuesday Funnel Cake – Topped with cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, and sprinkles

King Cake Sundae – Vanilla soft-serve with cake crumbles, cinnamon sugar, caramel, and sprinkles

Mardi Gras Festival Apples – Themed caramel apples

Mardi Gras caramel apples

Ages 21 and up can imbibe in “Nawlins Spirits,” including the Huge Hurricane, Blue Bayou, and Voodoo Juice.

Orlando Fun Spot Kissimmee’s menu features the same, plus:

Twisted Voodoo Spud – Spiral-sliced potato with Cajun seasoning

Popcorn Parade – Purple, green, and yellow popcorn

Both Fun Spot America park’s rides will be open during the event.

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