Margaritaville Resort Orlando to host ‘Thank You, Next’ Valentine’s Day Party

With Valentine’s Day on the way, Margaritaville Resort Orlando is inviting you to say goodbye to your ex with their “Thank You, Next” Valentine’s Day Party.

margaritaville resort orlando
Say “Thank u, next!” at this Valentine’s Day Party at Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Photo by Ariana Grande

On Feb. 16, guests are invited to bring a photo or small item that reminds you of your ex to add to a festive fire and rid your 2019 of relationship baggage. A portion of the party’s proceeds will go to the Osceola County Fire Department to give to their favorite charity. And you never know, they could even show up to help add fuel to the fire!

Ariana Grande - thank u, next (audio)

All attendees to the “Thank You, Next” party will have the chance to win a two-night stay at The  Hotel at Margaritaville Resort Orlando to celebrate a new year, and maybe even a new chance at love.

The party runs from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the On Vacation restaurant at The Hotel at Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Don’t forget to bring your small photo or item to help say “Thank You, Next” to your ex.

To learn more about this not-your-average Valentine’s Day event, and to RSVP, check out their Facebook event page here.


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