Marvel to present Dreamfinder and Figment’s origin in new comic series

Figment Dreamfinder Marvel comic

This summer, the Disney Kingdoms comic book series from Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering will release their newest story, Figment #1.

This five-issue series, created by writer Jim Zub, artist Filipe Andrade and cover artist John Tyler Christopher, weaves an all-new steampunk fantasy adventure that reveals the never-before-told origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder and his trusty dragon companion named Figment.

Walt Disney World fans may remember Dreamfinder from the old Journey Into Imagination attraction at Epcot. Figment can still be seen in the current Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction in the Future World area of the park.

Figment #1 Dreamfinder Epcot Marvel comic“Can you imagine the never-before-revealed origin of one of Disney’s most creative characters? Can you picture a Marvel spin on the Epcot theme park’s mind-expanding attraction, Journey Into Imagination? Have you ever wondered how the inventor known as Dreamfinder created a certain inquisitive purple dragon?” says Editor Bill Rosemann. “Be prepared for all of these answers – not to mention amazing creatures, magical lands and cool clockwork contraptions – in ‘Figment!’”

“The ride serves as an underlying framework for the story, though we obviously have to give it a clear antagonist and build up more challenges than people who went on the ride have seen before,” Writer Jim Zubkavich says in an interview with “Even when we’re deviating from the ride I’m looking for ways for it to inform the visuals or appear in other unexpected ways.”

“Expanding the story of Figment has been intimidating, but I’m genuinely enjoying it,” says Zubkavich. “I want to do right by Disney fans and new readers alike, creating an entertaining story and that comes from working with engaging characters. Digging a bit deeper into Figment and Dreamfinder has been a fun challenge. In so many ways this story really is a ‘Journey Into Imagination’, in both word and deed.”

“Dreamfinder is an eccentric inventor, an excited adventurer, and an intrepid explorer,” he says. “He’s a bit Reed Richards, a bit Kurt Wagner and a bit Stephen Strange. He’s someone who doesn’t want to settle for a mundane life and the creative risks he takes could lead him to greatness, but those highs have a long way down if he falls.”

This summer, all it takes is one little spark to let your imagination take flight. The highly anticipated debut of the next title in the Disney Kingdoms family hits comic shops in June.

Cover image created by John Tyler Christopher and copyright Marvel.


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  1. I have absolutely no words to describe the sheer joy I am feeling right now.
    Who knows? Maybe this will lead to them doing a throwback version of the old ride?