Max Action Arena – 8,000 square-foot center coming to Icon Park

Max Action Arena is coming to Icon Park with high-intensity, engaging fun. This 8,000-square-foot entertainment center will feature a variety of experiences including VR, adventure rooms, axe throwing, and an escape room, and is opening in fall 2022. Visitors to Icon Park can enjoy the free parking, the multitude of restaurant and bar options, and soon this new entertainment center option.

Max Action Arena concept art for upcoming offering at ICON Park Orlando.
  • Zero Latency VR — Rather than playing the game, you are in the game with Zero Latency VR. Reality blends with the virtual world as you’re dropped into an arena to battle or explore with up to eight guests. With Zero Latency VR, you can roam freely in open space, moving however and wherever you want.
  • Adventure Rooms — The countdown is on and it’s up to you to save the day in Max Action Arena’s Adventure Rooms. You’ll race against the clock to accomplish goals like solving a crime with CSI, unraveling puzzles in a medieval world, dealing with alien abductions, or surviving a creepy, cursed room.
  • Axe Throwing — Sharpen your skills and challenge your friends to an axe throwing session. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to enjoy throwing axes at a wood target for points.
  • Escape Room — “Escape from Planet Obscura” transports you to a distant alien planet as you try to repair your damaged space craft. Can you get your engine repaired and activate the launch sequence before you find yourself stranded in space forever?

“This isn’t your average family entertainment center,” said Ray Smith, vice president of Business Development at Family Entertainment Group. “We’ve created Max Action Arena with engaging, interactive fun at the forefront. With its cutting-edge VR technology and collaborative experiences, Max Action Arena is the perfect place for friends and family to compete and explore together.”

Located in the heart of the Orlando Entertainment District, Icon Park offers more than 50 restaurants, bars, boutique shops, and attractions, all anchored by The Wheel, an observation wheel that stands 400 feet tall. Max Action Arena doesn’t yet have a specific opening date, but you can expect this location to offer new family-friendly options this fall. Max Action Arena is owned and operated by Family Entertainment Group, LLC, the creators of In The Game. This is the second attraction the company has opened at Icon Park.

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