Maxx Force roller coaster makes world record debut at Six Flags Great America

by Brittani Tuttle

Six Flags Great America has officially debuted their newest roller coaster – the world record-breaking Maxx Force.

maxx force
Photos by Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging

This roller coaster uses air-powered technology to launch riders from zero to 78 miles per hour in under two seconds, making it the fastest launch of any coaster in North America. Maxx Force has also broken two world records for the tallest double inversion and the fastest inversion in the world.

“Maxx Force is absolutely revolutionary, taking Six Flags innovation to an all-new level of extreme,” said Hank Salemi, park president for Six Flags Great America. “The breathtaking acceleration of this coaster alone makes it an incredible ride, but add three record-breaking features plus five high-speed inversions and you have an astonishing coaster experience unrivaled by any other ride in North America.”

maxx force

Highlights of the new coaster include:

  • An air-powered launch system that propels guests forward at record speeds
  • The world’s tallest double inversion at 175 feet above the ground
  • The fastest inversion on any roller coaster in the world with a 60 mile-per-hour zero-G roll
  • Five high-speed inversions
  • One-of-a-kind custom coaster trains modeled after Formula One racing cars

Check out our video of Maxx Force below:

To learn more about Six Flags Great America, visit SixFlags.com/GreatAmerica.


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