Meet the stars of the new Nat Geo Wild channel today at SeaWorld

By Jackie Roseboom

A new TV channel called Nat Geo Wild is celebrating its launch today. National Geographic has teamed up with SeaWorld to promote the new channel and you can be a part of it.

You have a chance to meet Nat Geo Wild’s animal experts, primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and wildlife naturalist Casey Anderson, at SeaWorld today. (Both are pictured above in the middle with SeaWorld animal specialists and their furry and feathered friends.)

Mireya and Casey have amazing stories to tell and are eager to educate everyone about the animals around us. You will also have a chance to meet some amazing SeaWorld animals. It’s a great photo opportunity and a memorable way to learn about the animals. You can meet the stars in the Wild Arctic Plaza this afternoon. Shows are scheduled for 1, 3 and 4:30 p.m. (Subject to change)

In addition to seeing the animals up close and personal at SeaWorld, you can learn about the animals through the great shows hosted by Casey Anderson and the “female Indiana Jones” herself, Mireya Mayor. Today’s meet is a chance to talk to people who have been places some of us only dream about going. Their experiences can help us understand our world and the animals that live around us.

Many of the animals at Seaworld are rescued and would never survive in the wild. They are given a great life at the park and are used as animal ambassadors for their educational programs. The employees at SeaWorld are happy to answer questions. Don’t hesitate to ask about about all of the animals in the park to enhance your experience.

In Expedition Wild with Casey Anderson Casey tries to teach his best friend – a 900-pound grizzly bear he raised – some wild bear behaviors. Mireya will be hosting a show called Wild Nights in which she travels to different locations checking out animals that come out at night in our cities. Check your local listings for the times on Nat Geo Wild.

The interest of working with animals is usually sparked by trips to Seaworld and similar parks when kids are young, as it did with Casey and Mireya. Who know? Maybe you’ll be inspired to become the next National Geographic Explorer or Seaworld Trainer.

We had a chance to meet with Casey and Mireya yesterday at SeaWorld. Watch these videos to meet the Nat Geo Wild stars and a couple of SeaWorld’s animal ambassadors.

Casey Anderson discusses the new Nat Geo Wild channel at SeaWorld Orlando
Dr. Mireya Mayor discusses the new Nat Geo Wild channel at SeaWorld Orlando

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